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Athena turned her phone over in her hands, fidgeting as the others decided on their plans for the next day. Gary read over the locations in the Casino, and Athena began to feel lost. She had never been to Jirachi's, and hadn't even heard of it until now. The others were much more familiar with Fizzby it seemed, and she was relieved that they made quick decisions of where they would go.

"That leaves upstairs to me then." She said as everyone began to ready themselves to leave. She looked to Eclair, who had been Intimidating Momo from trying to climb back onto Athena's lap. The Deceiver Pokemon probably wasn't a great choice to bring to the Casino, at least during the day time. Her mischievous partner would probably bring unwanted attention, and she didn't want to have to deal with the stress of Eclair nabbing jewelry or Coins from patrons who weren't watching their bags closely.

She stood and grabbed her backpack, slinging it over one shoulder. Eclair, satisfied that she had scared Momo away from her trainer, loyally joined her side and the two began to walk out of the room. As she passed through the hallway, she stopped to look into the other room that housed a large fish tank. As she watched Gary's many Water Pokemon swim calmly past the glass, she felt a wave of tiredness wash over her. She definitely had to get some rest if she wanted to be of any help at the Casino in the morning. She thanked Gary and Amph for having them, and gave Tate and their Vaporeon a smile of acknowledgement.

Once Athena felt she was out of earshot of the base, she broke her nervous silence with an excited giggle. "Mawile?" Eclair questioned.

"Isn't this exciting Eclair? Its like the stuff real trainers do!" She giggled again, and Eclair grinned. "You think Choux will want to come with me tomorrow?"

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