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There was a Donphan in the room... and a very large Donphan at that.

Jirachi's Casino bled a foreboding cloud of greed and uncertainty over the surrounding area. The Casino was bustling, but the locale most certainly was not. The locals who weren't interested in the casino walked past it on the street like it was non-existent, avoiding eye contact with the facility, possibly in hopes that it was a problem that would solve itself.

But this problem was not going to solve itself. In fact, it's hard to know exactly what the problem even was. With what little information was available, all anyone could determine was that there was enough circumstantial evidence and strange going-ons surrounding the Casino that they just knew that something was off - so off, in fact, that it left trainers and law enforcement alike completely befuddled as to how to proceed, or if they should even continue to investigate at all.

But the Donphan in the room was growing larger by the second.

Noppera, the Mimikyu, looked to his trainer as the two stood across the way from the building. Hiero had just finished disclosing all of the details he could to his partner, even going so far as to showing him news reports and floor layouts on his Holo Caster. Adamant to get inside and investigate the establishment himself, the Mimikyu turned to his trainer eagerly and extended its claws from under its veil, flexing them outward and aggressively punching them together.

"Whoa, Pera, take it easy! I get it, I get! You want a boost, right?" The Mimikyu nodded intensely, not making any attempts to hide its possible overconfidence. Hiero pulled out seven Rare Candies and fed them to the fairy-ghost-type, who anxiously grabbed them out of his hand and scarfed them down. The Pokemon instantly felt rejuvenated, twirling excitedly and extending his claws out even further, flexing them once more.

"I'm glad you're excited bud, but let's try to keep it on the DL, okay?" The Mimikyu froze, slowly retracting his claws and nodding sheepishly. "Besides - I have another present for you. Take a look..." Hiero pulled out a Technical Machine from his backpack and showed it to his Pokemon. "This is a Technical Machine for the move Shadow Force. This is an extremely powerful attack, Pera. Legends say that it is the signature move of one of the deities of the Sinnoh region, but... well, who knows. It could just be an old wives' tale. But if we're going to be going into a place as potentially dangerous as this, we need to make sure we are fully prepared for whatever comes our way." The Mimikyu looked up at his trainer quietly and stared at him. Hiero wasn't sure how the Pokemon felt - he always tried to do his best to respect his Pokemon by letting them make decisions like this one for themselves. However, after a moment, the Mimkyu gradually slipped its claws out once more from underneath of its shroud. He wrapped his hands around the TM and felt it carefully within his grasp before lifting it out of his trainer's hands and pulling it inward toward its body. The Pokemon stared at it carefully, and then closed his eyes. What happened next only lasted only for a few seconds - one might have missed it had they turned their head away for only a moment. The Pokemon became surrounded with a dark purple aura, and its shadow seemed to take on a life of its own - and then suddenly, the technical machine shattered and fell to the ground, and Pera vanished.

"Kkykyu..." Hiero felt a tugging at his back, and found the Mimikyu sitting behind him as though nothing had happened. He seemed shocked, but then smiled and rubbed his head. "I guess that means it worked, huh pal?"

The fun didn't last long. The pair had distracted themselves just long enough to forget the fact that they were about to walk into possibly one of the most dangerous adventures that had been on yet. Hiero was right - if they wanted to succeed, they were going to need to use every trick and tool at their disposal. The two looked at each other anxiously and proceeded to walk toward the gates of the casino.

"Right then, Pera, first thing is first," Hiero nodded, wearing his best poker face, "like I said earlier - we're heading downstairs." The Mimikyu mimicked his trainer, walking in lockstep with him as they entered through the doors of the establishment.

((To prepare for their mission, Noppera the Mimikyu was elevated to Level 21 and has learned Mimic and Shadow Force))
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