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Jerichi: Having decided to take the quicker route, you call upon some assistance, Tenki happily deciding to aid you along your way. The Castform takes a moment to gather himself, before his body begins to pulse with a pale blue energy. With an eager motion, Tenki begins to dance left and right, dispersing the energies gathering around his body into the surrounding air and watching on with glee as dark clouds begin to rumble over the mountains, gathering overhead before unleashing their deluge. Carson seems unperturbed by this, the man simply allowing himself to get wet, but he seemed preoccupied with your question. He was clearly deep in thought, but as he seems to turn to answer you, his eyes go wide with fear. Raindrops continue to hammer down around you, muffling his voice somewhat, but you can see that there is a distinct terror hanging around him. Turning to face whatever it was that was catching Carson's eye, you notice something which simultaneously baffles and frightens you.

Looming over a nearby mountaintop, eyes glaring directly at your small group, was an enormous green head. Jagged, rock like struts jut from the body of the colossal titan as it heaves itself up over the nearby peak, a guttural roar echoing through the air and causing the space around you to tremble, even at this distance. While much, much larger than any normal specimen, there was no doubt about what was facing you down, and clearly ready to give chase. A Tyranitar. Behind you ,you hear wet footsteps begin to slap at the wet rock beneath, and Carson yells as loud as he can over the deluge.


TheKnightsFury: Having fed numerous Rare Candies to Jormungand, you turn your attention instead to casting your rod, ignoring the slight scowl evident on the face of Jackson, the fisherman trying to hide his dissatisfaction with the way you had seemingly ignored his warnings about raising a Magikarp too quickly. Still, the man quickly changes his expression, giving the fleeting impression that the scowl you had witnessed had been little more than a trick of the light. As you attempt your first cast, you find the well weighted rod easy to control, but while your distance was fairly impressive, it is evident that your positioning and stance are a little off, with the line having flown far from straight. Frowning a little, Jackson shakes his head a little, before adjusting the positioning of your arms and spacing your legs a little more evenly, a tricky feat given the awkward shape of Orion's shell.

"Try again with this stance, and try your timing releasing the reel with the apex of the arc. Makes for a much better path of flight."

It was evident in the way Jackson instructed you that he was used to teaching others, and you find your casting quickly improving as you correct small nuances with trial and error. Eventually, Jackson seems somewhat satisfied with your progress, nodding to himself while scratching at his beard.

"Not a bad learner, kid. You're making decent progress. I take it this fishing lesson is a preamble to trying to catch another critter of your own? Anything particular in mind, or any old Water type do ya?"

Median Dia: As soon as you ask about any sort of oath of secrecy, Simon opens his mouth, clearly looking to protest once again, but Angelica quickly ducks down to deliver an elbow to his side, leaving the boy reeling away and doubled over. Celia, used to such antics from the pair, simply giggles at the spectacle, and Angelica takes a moment to correct her hair before turning back towards you with a fairly radiant smile.

"No, no oath of secrecy needed at all. It's not even that secret a spot, if I'm totally honest. Simon just likes to take everything to the extreme, you know. Bit of a child."

The last sentence is said in a somewhat hushed tone, intended for Simon not to hear, but the boy burns crimson red from embarrassment at the hands of his sister, quickly spurting out an annoyed declaration of how he heard what she said before stomping off along the river. Celia chuckles at this behaiour once again as Angelica goes running off after her brother laughing, the pair evidently having quite a strong relationship despite their clashes. At this, Celia indicates for you to follow along, and your group heads further along the river. Eventually, you find yourself branching off into the surrounding trees, and yet somehow the sound of running water doesn't diminish at all. As you move further into the trees, you understand why - the secret spot that the kids were talking of was more than likely one of the many tributaries which fed into the larger river. However, before you can confirm this suspicion, you and Celia bump into SImon and Angelica - who had, for some reason, stopped short. Turning to you, Simon has a clearly disgruntled look.

"Uh .. we can hear voices up ahead. At our spot. We're not sure what to do, so we figured we'd wait for you guys ..."

Meetan: On making your decision, Lauren grins widely, the young girl clearly having wanted to press deeper along the coast like you suggested shortly after. With a short nod, she waves you over, before clambering up onto the first rock.

"Here, hold my hand. This route is pretty easy going, but better safe than never, eh?"

With that, the young girl takes your hand into your own, giving a reassuring squeeze before heading along the rocks. Lorrin tagged shortly behind, the Grass type hopping from rock to rock, his low center of gravity surprisingly adept at navigating the rather slippery surface of the rocks without tumbling into the surrounding rock pools. Still, that didn't prevent the Lotad "accidentally" slipping here and there to fall into the waters and have a short paddle before clambering up back after you both. This seems to give Lauren a good chuckle, the girl almost taking a tumble herself because of it, but she quickly rights herself and points into the distance.

"There we go, just beyond these rocks here you can see that cove, right? That's where we'll be heading. Pretty much no tourists head this deep like I said, so it should be pretty abandoned. "

As soon as she finishes her speech though, you hear a rather discomforting noise. It was clearly Pokemon in nature, but it was the distressed tinge to the notes that gave you room to pause. Looking around, you couldn't see anything in the immediate vicinity, and it is clear that Lauren has heard the call for help too. Turning to you, she frowns, straining to listen for the call once more.

"Did ... did you hear that?"

Brave Saix: On hearing your suggestion, the elderly woman considers you with narrowed eyes, her lips pursing at the same time to give the distinct impression that she truly was in some way gauging your worth or potential, her fingers drumming at the top of the small cane she used to aid her walking. Finally, she clicks her tongue against the roof of her mouth, a sound which seemed to be caught somewhere between approval and distaste. A heavy sigh comes shortly after, and she waves you closer, beckoning for you to bend and bring your eyes nearer her own level.

"Normally, child, I would disdain the aid of outsiders. Our people are proud, and while we do happily accept assistance for simpler tasks, when our own become threatened we typically like to keep the matter internal. However ... given the circumstances of this particular case, your help may well be required - no, necessary even. Come with me, and I will provide you a map divulging the location of the cave system this vagrant has escaped to."

With that, the elder turns, allowing you to follow her into the village. Matthew seems dumbfounded by this, clearly having never found himself in such a position before. The man seems rather timid compared to his typical outgoing personality you had witnessed, and as you duck into the small tent which housed the elder, Matthew coughs loudly.

"You .. you wouldn't mind if I stayed in the village while you resolve this situation, would you? I know I am meant to be a guide and all, but ... well, I'm not good with violence of battling. I only have one Pokemon, and she helps me with on site preparation, never battled a day in her life."
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