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After having announced her intentions to help, Patches worried that she still didn’t know exactly what it was she was helping with, she just knew that it sounded like Pokemon were in trouble. As she nervously fidgets trying to figure out how to get clued in, Athena’s ringtone begins to loudly play for everyone to hear. The song was a happy tune that made her feel nostalgic for a moment but before she had a chance to start dancing, it was turned off and replaced with breaking news. This is exactly what Patches needed, now she might actually be able to understand the situation. She watches the hologram, not taking her eyes off of it for a second. As the report went on, her smile began to slowly fade as she realized this was about the place one of her own Pokemon had come from. 'Pokemon are disappearing? That's terrible. Hana came from a casino, what if this is why she's so shy?'

For once, Patches was silent, she waited and listened to what the others had to say about that newscast before speaking up herself. Gary had suggested they all split up during the day and then regroup at night, he then pulled out his phone and proceeded to explain the different areas of the casino to everyone. The sadness she had momentarily felt was instantly replaced with eagerness as soon as she heard the word “elevator” and that this casino apparently has one. “Oh! Me me me!! I’ll take the elevator!” She jumps up and down with enthusiasm as she thinks about how fun elevators are. ’Elevators are the best, you get to be super close to all of the other people that are on it with you!’ She can hardly contain herself now, just imagining all of the people whose personal space she will be allowed into momentarily is enough to make her almost forget the depressing news she had just heard.

She reaches into her bag and pulls out a pokeball, returning Sir Tibs who had gotten bored and was in the middle of licking the different papers on the table in order to see if they all tasted similar or not. Next, she runs around the table and grabs Momo who was trying to claw his way back onto Athena’s lap, and puts him under one of her arms. “I’m going to head home so I can prepare to go to this casino first thing in the morning, I’ll be back here tomorrow night! Good luck everyone!” After she says her farewell, she heads out of the entrance in a hurry. Morning isn’t too far away and she needs to let her other Pokemon in on what’s happening before then.

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