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"And here you are, after all. You've always been quite the intuitive one. I'm glad that letter reached you." Duke exclaimed, having apparently listened in to the elite trainer's last line of conversation. With her current get up, he probably would've missed her out of his periphery, but fortunately Duke could rely on his keenest of trackers to help him identify the right person. The Lampent beside her only served as additional confirmation. He himself wore a relatively casual outfit, meant to help him blend in with the casino's patrons: a salmon-colored slim fit shirt; simple capri pants; and a pair of white espadrilles. Golden-rimmed aviator glasses covered his eyes to the surrounding crowd. He wondered if it would take long for her to recognize him.

Marion's scent was something the Seviper could never forget herself, even without the aid of a scent refreshner, though what made it memorable was not born out of an associated sentiment of affection, but rather a desire to enact bloody revenge. From Chris's perspective, what happened years ago, and the consequences thereafter, where all the ghost specialist's fault. Unforgivable. Utterly unforgivable. Yet, the timing was off. Her trainer was watching.

Duke on the other hand did not share on his starter's hatred, though he harbored some conflicting emotions, even now. He wasn't around when Marion returned - as a member of the elite, no less! - and now that she was back, he had to confirm things himself; he wanted to see her eye to eye and gauge just what kind of soul was still hiding behind them. It was his intent to walk and explore around on the outside while catching up with Marion, and talking her into working together, if only, at least, by virtue of their talent alone. If she would have him, that is.

"Hey there!" He pulled up his glasses as he greeted her; forming a small, warm smile in the process. "It's been a long time. How have you been?"


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