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'Come, and celebrate this day with me...'

Chroma knew there was a high chance that she'd get some sort of cryptic telepathic message at some point in her life, but in the middle of the day with nothing going on? And with some sort of celebration going about? That was not how she expected this moment to come.

Thankfully, the call was an easy one to trace. "Perhaps this is the work of a trickster?" the mystic asked herself as she found herself approaching the Global Trade Station. Certainly, this was an odd place for such a message to come from. "Or had one of the machines malfunctioned already?" Even weirder, there didn't seem to be anyone here yet. Aside from a bored looking janitor, the building was completely uninhabited. "Okay, was I seriously just imagining things?"

'Ah, my apologies. I had not intended for you to arrive before me~'

Well, that explained that, sort of. So she was to trade for a pokemon capable of long distance telepathy? "Right... just what am I supposed to be receiving here?" Despite her present misgivings, Chroma pulled a vast amount of cash from the ATM in preparation- it was clear that she was about to be given custody of something amazing, and that deserved quite the repayment.

Finally, the doors open once more, and a lady in floral print walked in with a star-shaped creature with a bright red center- a staryu, for sure. 'Now then, it is finally time for my celebration of of earthly life to begin~!

~ ~ ~

Trading my $1350 and 5 Rare Candies to 134 (Tate) for her Lv. 1 Staryu.

*Trade Commenced*

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