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Amazing what having to avoid spoilers for a year and a half can do ...

I've been looking up fanart a lot today, and one of the pieces I just recently found is my first big find I'm prompted to share with all of you. You remember the guy who did the really awesome fanart that shows Professor Oak looking at a photograph from his past? You know the one:

Well, apparently he's been working on a pet project off and on over the past five years. It's called 【王者の祭典】, which loosely translates either as "The King's Festival" or "The Champion's Festival". It's a story which, in its fourth chapter, culminates in Red, Green, and Blue all arriving at the titular tournament. It's now nine chapters in, and in the eighth and nine chapters, we get to see Green taking on his first-round opponent ... Karen, the Dark-type master and here a candidate for the Elite Four. When our story takes place, the original Elite Four -- Lorelei, Bruno, Agatha, and Lance -- are all still present and accounted for. But Karen, Will, and Koga are all also enrolled in this tournament. And for her first opponent, Karen has the grandson of the world-famous professor from Pallet Town ...

(click any for full size; even bigger sizes are available from the Pixiv source)

The art is pretty darn good. The storytelling is not half bad either. It reads like an 8/10 fanfic or better, YMMV. If you want to start earlier, you can. (I later went back and read some earlier chapters.) If you want to start here, you can too. The two chapters, 08 and 09, do enough to show you both Green's side of things and Karen's. Earlier chapters might shed some light on why this particular fight might be a little traumatic for Green, but that's icing on an otherwise ready-to-eat cake.

When I read through these chapters, I frequently thought of you guys (in the ASB). It feels very much like what I imagine a dream ASB battle is to some of you. I'm sure there's lots here for some of you to hate, but I imagine for others it's going to be distilled Elysium even if you can't read what the characters are saying.

For those who can, it's a surprisingly well thought-out story. I like a lot of his headcanon takes on the various characters, even if they won't all overwrite my own. It's interesting to see what his interpretation of "the Evil Type" is. And because so much of the presentation reads like an episode straight out of the Johto League-era anime, it's kinda fun to see what his own "What if I got to write an episode of the Pokémon anime ...?" take on things is like.

So check it out if you like. Chapter 8 is here, and Chapter 9 is here.
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