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Gary listened as the other guests talked, listing their motives for going along with Tate’s hunch. Suddenly, without warning the girl named Athena’s phone started going off and Gary couldn’t help but grin at the cute ringtone. Scurvy the Aipom who lie face down on the table roused from his unconsciousness and looked around. He scampered over and leapt up onto Gary’s shoulder, a perch he is often accustomed to sitting on.

The holocaster from Athena’s phone lit up and played some breaking news about Pokemon going missing from casinos worldwide with the exception being Jirachi’s Casino. There were some shady dealings going on here for sure, and this was certainly a crisis that Gary could not turn a blind eye to. Tate leapt from their seat in excitement, proclaiming how their source was correct after all.

Nodding silently, Gary stood up from his seat. Scurvy looked at his trainer expectantly. “This is pretty big,” he said, looking around the room, “I think it means we need to do something more than ever. Why don’t we start things off by splitting up and gathering some intel at the casino? Then we can meet back up and pool our resources together.”

Gary pulled out his own phone and searched for pictures of the interior of Jirachi’s Casino. “Since there are five of us, I think we should each take a different area. It seems like there’s the main floor of the casino, an upstairs area, a downstairs area, an elevator that leads somewhere, and there’s also the outside. I think I’ll take a look around the inside of the main floor if it’s okay with everyone else.”
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