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Patches and two of her Eevee were still dripping wet but she didn’t think twice about it. One thing that caught her off guard was that the new trainer seemed to question her use of DNA. ’Maybe he wasn’t aware that this place is going to have a ton of DNA everywhere. He probably didn’t read past the Eeveelution part.’ She wonders as she looks at the Flareon beside the trainer and her excitement instantly rises as she thinks about all of the other Pokemon in the Eevee family she is going to meet. “This place is going to be full of DNA, we’re all going to be getting some! Also, my name is Cardia Spade! My nickname is Patches so you can call me either that or by my name, whichever you prefer!” She smiles at her new friend.

Kiku is surprised when the Flareon beside him introduces himself. “Uh… I’m Kiku.” He says with mild disinterest. Kiku isn’t really the type of Pokemon that goes out of his way to make friends, he prefers to be independent and act on his own, usually getting into trouble. This has so far caused every single one of Patches’ Pokemon to not really pay him much attention so actually having a Pokemon go out of their way to acknowledge him was a very strange feeling for Kiku.

The door finally opens, revealing Tate on the other side. Patches is surprised for a moment and then looks back down at the paper with all of the information about this gathering on it, finally seeing that this address was for Tate’s place. “Oh, hey Tate! I hadn’t realized this was your base! I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on some DNA so I didn’t want to waste time reading and got here as fast as I could.” Patches was extra excited now, she thought this party was going to be great before but now that she knows she is going to see one of her friend’s homes she is even more excited. After being let in, her Pokemon follow along closely, except for Kiku who is giving Patches the cold shoulder and following along with the other trainer. After entering the Eevee room Patches is surprised to see the Vaporeon who appears before everyone. “Oh, it's you again!" She says happily as this is the third time she has ran into this particular Pokemon. "Tate, can I adopt that Vaporeon?”

Right after Patches finishes that question, there is a loud splash and water sprays out of the pool. That’s when a little Eevee head surfaces and it begins to swim around in circles in the water. Of course, that Eevee head belongs to Kiku. Momo had been dozing off on Patches’ shoulder but she plucks him off and places him on the ground. “Momo, you need to make more friends and now is the perfect chance! Introduce yourself.” Momo stands there looking back and forth between the Flareon and the Vaporeon in front of him.

Oh you have got to be kidding me.” He sighs and immediately turns around putting his front paws up on Patches’ leg in order to get her to pick him up again. It’s no use though, she has turned her attention elsewhere as she looks around the room, wondering where the DNA is. Giving up, he turns back around and approaches the Vaporeon. He lays down in front of her and rolls onto his back with Fake Tears in his eyes. “Please carry me…

While Momo is on a desperate search to be held, Rika has decided she should introduce herself to the Flareon because she enjoys new company. “Hello, I heard you say your name is Happy, it’s nice to meet you, I’m Rika! My trainer brought us here because she really likes apples.” As Rika introduces herself to the new Pokemon, Hana watches enviously from afar as she hides behind Patches’ legs. She is too shy to introduce herself to the new Pokemon but really hopes she won’t be left out.

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