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Originally Posted by Marion Ette View Post
It was hard not to see this place as the good old Cable Club, regardless of its new name. Even with the renovated trading stations, the newfangled options for trading wirelessly across the globe, the fancy new facility... Underneath it all, this was a place of memories. A thousand lives changed in an instant - hopefully for the better - at the hands of trainers.

Pokeball in hand, Minerva takes a deep breath. The dark-haired woman knew what the occupant within had meant to her sister. As a Duskull, Liliana's single, red eye used to hover over Marion's shoulder, absorbing the research materials and thick, dusty tomes the trainer was pouring over. In those days, Marion was a researcher of some clout, though still green around the ears - in the years that followed, Liliana would evolve with ever-growing intellectual curiosity, which Marion sought to help sate, for a time. Marion's eyes would fill with such a light when explaining something to her Dusclops, Minerva would swear that they glowed just as brightly as the cyclops' crimson gaze.

How cold her sister's eyes had become - steel-forged and stern - Minerva nearly choked at the thought of it. Was this how she always looked now, or was it the severed bond between them that had smothered that light?

To have made the choice to give up Liliana, she knew, must have broken Marion's heart in half... but Liliana's own heart had long since been torn between her two loves - her trainer, and the Dusknoir known as Peeves - and with Marion growing ever more absorbed in her newfound duties, perhaps the new Elite felt there was no sense in keeping Liliana in a highly political environment where she would be unhappy.

She was a little fool, that one... but a good friend. Both of them, really. They were very much alike, Lilana and Marion.

Minerva sighs deeply, a strange sort of melancholy seeping deep into -

Mr. Nose recognizes scary lady! It is a day of luck for scary lady. Mr. Nose knows.

Shaken immediately from her reverie, she realizes that she is being addressed by a small... pile of rocks? Looking closely at the pile, she can see an orange nose sticking out from underneath.

Mr. Nose has many goods from all over the world.

"Looks like you have a bunch of rocks to me."

The nose shifts slightly from under the pile of rocks, as a stubby little arm flails to free itself. Mr. Nose senses that the scary lady is a discerning lady, as well, the decidedly odd creature continues. Mr. Nose wishes to trade.

"What on earth do you want for those?" Minerva raises an eyebrow, crossing her arms in disbelief. The stubby little rock hand stretches out, as if ready to accept something.


"So... you're trading rocks for... rocks."

Mr. Nose only engages in fair trades.

"That's ridiculous."

Mr. Nose accepts all major forms of currency that are rock-shaped. A pause. Please no future rocks.

Minerva shakes her head, thoroughly derailed from her train of thought. Giving the strange little Nosepass an annoyed glare, she stomps off in the direction of the trading station where she and Keith were scheduled to meet. Much to her irritation, the sound of little, rock-like thuds are following behind - the footsteps of Mr. Nose.

"I thought I made it clear that I -"

Mr. Nose has the well wish for spooky skull friend. Mr. Nose will always have spooky skull friend deep in Mr. Nose's life rock. In the inside rockspace – I think the trainer lady calls it heart.

Minerva pauses, not sure if she is halted by a sudden jab of compassion deep within, or by the sheer amount of questions Mr. Nose's statements posed – did Nosepass have hearts? Were they made of stone? The mind, it boggles.

"...Fine," she spits, in her typical caustic tone. Mr. Nose reaches up to Minerva's hand, though he cannot reach it. Minerva rolls her eyes, and takes the tiny hand.

Mr. Nose and scary lady will say goodbye together, he says. Spooky skull friend will have a happy goodbye.

Minerva looks around, realizing... if Mr. Nose was here, then could maybe...?

No, she was probably off doing whatever it is she did now, important person that she was. Bah.

Then again... Did that woman over there...? No, Minerva was probably seeing things.


Gifting level 37 female Dusclops with Reaper Cloth to Missingno Master. She has the following stats:

Spoiler: show

Name: Liliana
Gender: Female
Level: 37
Held item: None
Ability: Levitate
Attacks: Pain Split, Leer, Night Shade, Disable, Foresight, Astonish, Confuse Ray, Shadow Sneak, Flash, Ice Beam, Dark Pulse, Pursuit, Curse, Will-o-Wisp, Shadow Punch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunderpunch, Gravity, Bind
Birthday: October 23rd
Contest Points: +10 all
IQ: 01
Met at the Egg House at Level 1 on March 28th.
Bio/Description: Liliana was a baby Duskull who hatched in the egg house after Marion took care of her as a ghost-type Mystery egg. Marion had hoped that by witnessing the birth of a ghost-type Pokemon, she could better understand the process by which ghost Pokemon are "born" and introduced into the world. Instead of finding answers, however, the egg fell apart, revealing nothing... Marion was convinced she had done a poor job of raising the egg and had killed the baby inside, until little Liliana floated above her shoulder, trying to figure out what Marion was looking it. While Liliana is an adorable little Pokemon and a sweet addition to Marion's team, her strange birth left Marion with more questions than answers.
Liliana is incredibly curious, and enjoys reading and exploring the unknown, particularly when it comes to the nature of the mind, both for humans and for Pokemon. Of course, when she was young, she often made mistakes based on her research, such as putting Pokemon eggs in the oven to "incubate" them, as well as scarring Sakura for life with her failed attempts at therapy. She seems to have as many questions about humans as Marion has about ghosts. The two seem to complement each other well... Perhaps too well. Sometimes, it seems like Liliana is more of a daughter to Marion than a Pokemon, and the two share an especially strong bond due to their shared curiosity and love of learning.
Liliana is usually happy-go-lucky, cheerful and naive; however, she will occasionally succumb to incredible fits of rage if pushed hard enough. Fortunately, though, these temper-tantrums are usually brief, and Liliana will go back to her sweet self again. Unlike other ghosts who use their illusions to frighten others, Liliana prefers using her abilities for fun or for some sort of material gain, such as getting out of trouble or getting free refills on her much-loved cookie shake. Scaring people is not something that particularly interests her, and without a substantial amount of rage to fuel her, her attempts at scaring people tend to be more humorous than anything else. A lover of sweets, she is particularly fond of cookies, just like her boyfriend Peeves. Nothing makes her happier than sharing a cookie shake or a giant cookie with her beloved. Though the two began their relationship in a state that could only be described as "puppy love," after going through all sorts of trials and tribulations with Peeves by her side, their love has become much stronger than just a crush between two Duskull.
Recently, after beginning to show symptoms of nearing evolution such as seeing spirits where others cannot, a kiss from Peeves was the bit of a push Liliana needed to evolve into a Dusclops. It remains to be seen how this evolution will affect her.

Keith entered the Global Trade Station, marveling for a moment at the place, as he so often tended to do. Very much like the Cable Club of old, but with newer, more modern trade machines, much less prone to malfunction or interference. A perfect place to welcome in new members to the team- nay, to the family.

Meowth was on Keith's shoulder as usual, of course, though there was yet another Pokémon accompanying Keith today. And anyone who knew the first thing about the Pokémon Keith was to acquire here and now would need but one singular guess to work out the identity of this additional companion. Who's that Pokémon? Iiiiit's Peeves! Sure enough, the Dusknoir followed behind his Trainer, singular eye shining with excitement and anticipation. No longer would there be the need for him to go to Marion and ask if she happened to bring Liliana with her. No longer would there be lengthy periods of time when they'd be unable to see each other, such as the previous five consecutive years. His girlfriend, his beloved, was soon to become his teammate.

Keith smiled at Peeves. "You look pretty happy," he said.

"'Happy' is an understatement," Peeves responded. "Lil's gonna be a part of the team, and I... She and I, we get to be together as much as we..."

Keith nodded, giving a friendly light punch to the Dusknoir's arm. "You deserve it, buddy," he stated. "You and Lil both. Hi, Minerva," he added, for at that moment, he reached the trade machine in question, and smiled at the sight of his girlfriend. He also gave a little wave to the Nosepass accompanying Minerva. He remembered that Nosepass- he'd never met him personally, but he recalled that bright orange nose being the only glimpse he caught of said Rock-type when he'd seen fit to spy on Keith and Minerva back on that one Valentine's Day, a day which still held beautiful memories for Keith. He could practically feel positive energy radiating off the Chespin Doll in his backpack whenever he thought back to that day.

Moreover, he realized, that Nosepass belonged to Marion. If he was here, then surely so was she, though if that was indeed the case, she wasn't giving up her position so easily. Nevertheless, Keith was not surprised- he'd expected some sign of Marion's presence here. She'd had Liliana for maybe about as long as Keith had known Marion to begin with. For even longer than Keith had had Peeves, for that matter, surely. Keith saw it as not only highly probable, but in his opinion inevitable, that Marion would want to see Liliana off safely.

The "trade" was about to start- indeed, it was meant to be more of a gifting sort of situation, but Keith placed something on his end of the trade machine anyway. No Pokédollars, no Rare Candies, no random trinkets or anything like that, but a simple piece of paper, folded up, with Marion's name written on it. He had written a note for Marion. Nothing long or fancy- merely a promise that Liliana was in good hands, and a perpetually open invitation for Marion to come and visit Liliana whenever she so desired. And so, with everything in place, the trade was activated, and before Keith knew it, the piece of paper was replaced with a Poké Ball. It almost felt weird, after years of associating the contents of this ball with Marion, to know that this was Keith's Pokémon now. On the other hand, though, Keith smiled at the Poké Ball,. A warm, welcoming smile. He did not spend too much time like this, however- he could practically feel Peeves's impatience growing, and so, out of a desire to not drive the Dusknoir crazy, Keith tossed the ball into the air. "OK- come on out, Lil!" he exclaimed.

The ball split open, and in a flash of light, Keith's new Dusclops materialized before him, but a Dusclops she did not remain for long. Indeed, there was barely enough time for Keith to register the fact that she was clutching a dull purple scrap of fabric in one hand before said scrap started glowing. The glow spread to the Dusclops herself, and the changes took place. Liliana's hands grew out and away from her body, now attached by way of two big, powerful arms. The legs vanished, replaced with a wispy tail as Liliana was airborne once more, surely for the first time since she was a Duskull. An antenna grew from her head, and her body itself grew larger. The glowing faded by that point, and Keith could see that Peeves was no longer the only on the team.

Keith smiled, but said nothing, for at that point, Peeves had flown forward, and the Dusknoir couple embraced happily. He exchanged smiles with Meowth- Meowth, Keith was happy to see, had no objections to this new addition to the team.

After several minutes, the pair of Dusknoir broke apart, and Liliana turned to face her new Trainer. "Hi, Keith," she said. "And... and you're sure this is OK, for me to be on your team? Peeves says you have a lot of Pokémon now-"

"Lil," Keith said with a smile. "I'm gonna make this very clear- I'm more than happy to have you on the team. You and Peeves deserve this opportunity. Besides which, I know you love to learn, so I think you and Hermione are gonna get along really well. There's a whole library full of interesting books, as well as all of Hermione's notebooks, for you to read whenever you like- ulp! Lil... squishing me..." he choked, for his sentence had been cut short by a powerful hug from the newly evolved Dusknoir.

"Oops... eheheh, sorry," Liliana said sheepishly, letting go.

"...It's fine," Keith responded, catching his breath. "You should've seen when Helga evolved- now that Hariyama of mine, she can give some real bone-crushing hugs, too. C'mon," he added. "Why don't we all go home?" he suggested. With that, Keith led the pair of Dusknoir out of the Global Trade Station, though not before allowing Liliana to say goodbye one last time to Minerva and Mr. Nose. He didn't dare mention to Liliana that he'd asked Hermione and Cotton to bake a humongous chocolate chip cookie to welcome her to the team- he figured if he was gonna earn himself a second bone-crushing hug from Liliana, he might as well space them out somewhat.

OOC: Receiving Marion Ette's gift of one level 37 female Dusclops holding a Reaper Cloth. Thanks! Liliana is in good hands.

*"Trade" Closed*

What? Dusclops is evolving!




Congratulations! Your Dusclops evolved into Dusknoir!

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