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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post

You detailed the events you and your Pokemon had experienced, the young woman’s face looking more and more concerned. She moved to your side to look at Tori, taking note of the mushroom you were holding and its effects on your Pokemon.

“I’ve heard of this before,” she nodded somberly. “Paras are very docile Pokemon, but when the evolve and that mushroom takes over…” The woman shuddered at the thought.

You instructed your Sandshrew to clean up some of the damage in the area. Dutifully, he stuck his claws deep into the soil and began to Till it, bringing fresh soil to the surface where new plants might get a chance to grow. The Roselia looked delighted with Glasspine, and surrounded him once more, likely showering him with compliments.

“Well thank you for protecting these sweet Roselia, I’m sure the Queen Roserade will appreciate that.” The brown-haired woman said with a smile. She was looking over the mushroom you had retrieved. “I know this is called ‘tochukaso’, it's the kind of mushroom that Paras carry. I’m afraid I don’t know too much about it though. I’m usually over with the Petlil…” She paused and seemed to be lost in thought. You watched as realization spread over her face and she spoke again.

“I know someone who can help! He shouldn’t be busy right now, so I could take him to you if you’d like?” She looked back over to your Pokemon. Glasspine had sat down, looking exhausted. “Oh but your poor Pokemon, would you like to heal them up at the ranger’s cabin first? I could meet you there if you’d like.”

She stood and dusted off her apron, then went to collect the fallen Roselia in her arms. They looked to be still conscious, but their eyes were still a blank white. “I’m Petunia by the way. I didn’t get your name?”

As she waited for your answer, the Roselia that had gotten your attention before approached you. It placed one foot behind the other, then gave a deep curtsy. The flower looked incredibly grateful to you, not to mention impressed with your strong Pokemon.

Sandshrew gained 2 Levels!
Nidorina gained 1 Level!

As Alex explained the situation, the woman's concern only grew as Tori remained motionless save for breathing, as she explained the docile nature of Paras and how evolution changes their behaviour as the mushroom takes control. He had it figured out, given that fungi spread through spores, and his concern only grew as she identified the mysterious mushroom as tochukaso, which grew on the backs of Paras.

As the discussion continued, the Sandshrew began to till the damaged ground, turning over fresh soil to promote the germination of new seed, the surviving Roselia once again complimenting the dutiful yet tired ground type for the support to the garden. As the woman began to think, Alex looked over the mushroom and then to Tori once more, with further concern. Given the stance with the Parasect, she's probably infected with the spores...

His thoughts were interrupted by the woman once more, with the realisation she knew someone who could help, before advising he head to the ranger's cabin to recuperate after the fight, and while he was initially against the idea of rest when the Nidorina and Roselia were infected with what was likely a parasitic seed, the weary wave of Glasspine notified him that rushing around wasn't the best plan. Collecting the fallen Roselia, the woman introduced herself as Petunia, before waiting for his response.

"Ah, right. Alex, my Sandshrew there is Glasspine, or Glass, while Tori over there's my Nidorina," he replied, before retrieving the poison pokemon's ball and recalling her, more to try and delay the mushroom's effect than anything else. The Roselia who had approached him earlier gave a deep curtsy, grateful for his help and yet also impressed at his two pokemon. "You're welcome, little one, but the danger's far from over. You have my word however that I'll find a remedy for your friends before anything gets worse. Anyways Glass, a trip to the cabin would do us well, you could use a little rest while we try and get in contact with Petunia's friend."

With all said and done, Alex nodded to the gardener, asking her to lead the way.
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