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See, I found the Region as a whole to be very interesring. The locales and history were both very compelling, and always left me wanting for more. Overall, as a Region I'd say Kalos is among the best developed. The problem to me lies in the plot of it. Team Flare was mmajor garbage for the most part, the friendship thing was decent at best but more often than not was silly and annoying, and AZ was paced poorly. I'm not even going to begin touching Team Flare aside from that the moment I enjoyed the most was probably the climax at Geosenge despite the rest being trash.
The friendship thing was something that I felt had promise but was just squandered really badly. Serena/Calem getting fucking depressed by constantly losing despite being touted as some strong whatever made me actively feel bad beating them and honestly I feel like that isn't something that should be promoted in a Pokémon game where the theme foes not revolve around that ethical issue at all. The three stooges were beyond useless and had extremely bland personalities. I like Trevor the most literally only because of the deal at Frost Cavern and because he actually at least had the tiniest growth out of the three, but even then it was just miniscule. If the three of them just got more solo appearances and would actually develop rather than being one note "DANCE/Dex pls/uh cute things" over and over and over it would be a lot better, I'd say.
As far as AZ goes, I liked the bard dripping they gave. I liked his plot. What I didn't like was the pacing and how little else of Kalos 3000 years ago was revealed. Like, the progression went from "there is a big dude" > "hey it's big dude" > "I MURDERED AND DESECRATED THE GRAVES OF THOUSANDS TO RESURRECT MY FRIEND". Furthermore, all we knew of the ancient times was that there was a war. It killed. Floette died, Ancient Weapon, ended, Floette revived and left.
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