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See, to me I've got a largely different opinion of XY than you do. I found the region fun. To this day it's the only game I've willingly replayed (The 'willingly' bit is a result of my saying gen 3 mons were shit and thus it resulted in a gen 3 mon only run of OR). But the 'friendships' storyline of XY... It was grating. Dull, irritating and barely consistent with how frequently it appears. AZ's story is admittedly one of the few times they've actually done a properly emotional storyline right, and I did sort of like the way it drip-fed you the tale through the bards in the Pokemon Centers.

Although given your list, there's a lot I'm really not in agreement with.
Originally Posted by Talon
Personally, mine would go something like:

BW > B2W2 = FRLG > XY > HGSS = DPPt = SM > ORAS, with suspended judgement on RB because I fucked mine up and I'm infinitely stuck at Rock Tunnel so that's soured the experience.

The 'average bar' so to speak of HGSSDPPtSM is pretty self-explanatory: DPPt were my first games, so they're the benchmark from which I judge them, HGSS were awful games but Voltorb Flip and the Pokeathlon are the best side attractions they've ever put in a Pokemon game, so that redeems them immensely, and SM were... Meh. They were different yet the same. The first couple of hours were 85% unskippable cutscene, the trials felt almost exactly like gyms but without decent trainers, the kahunas felt like gyms without the puzzle, the islands just served to keep the progression even more gated, the story was pretty bad as a whole, but the removal of HMs and a handful of characters saved it. Lusamine was beautifully complex and yet understandable, the progression of Lillie throughout the game is well done for once, and Nebby is one of the best characters they've put out in a Pokemon game. I'd feel safe betting actual money that anyone who played and put in the effort to pay attention to the story in that game was at the very least tempted to nickname the legendary even if, like me, they don't normally. SM has such a myriad of strengths and weaknesses that they sort of cancel each other out.

With regards to the rest of my list... ORAS, as a game, is probably the worst Pokemon game I have played since Dash. Even GtI was better in my books. FRLG, to me, is the standard for what the games could be if they skipped the story shit and focused on making a decent fucking game: It's gen 1 with the majority of the flaws removed. Yes there's not much regional or character development, but there doesn't need to be. There's none of this 'chosen one' mumbo jumbo bullcrap we keep getting. Then we hit gen 5. BW was actually the first Pokemon game to keep me fully and wholly interested (and not entirely because I didn't spend two months trying to find the exit to the second route like I did in DP). It was a clean slate, it was new, it was a proper change. You didn't have Magikarp or Pikachu or the older mons, but you didn't miss them either. BW were the games that made me genuinely start liking Pokemon. B2W2... was good, for most of the same reasons, but there were a few bits I wasn't a massive fan of, including the original protagonist (Which is why Pokemon sequels are hard to handle: Where did the other you go?) and the part that I didn't like: The original starting-out point became insanely high-levelled, and that didn't sit well with young Iron. The achievement book was fun though.
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