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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
Wishiwashi is incredible did you just, not level it over 20
lol, I should probably explain that thinking better. I was playing without spoilers for the most part, and with Wishiwashi, my working assumption had been that for Schooling to work you needed to have a team of x6 Wishiwashi. I didn't look up the mechanic until later, and by that point in time I had already moved on.

I'm not honestly sure if I ever used Wishiwashi after it reached a certain level. I know it's well past Level 30 now. I want to say anywhere between 36 and 53. I think the last time I ever used mine in battle was on the beach of the second island near where you find Sandygast and Pyukumuku. Long, long time ago.

Looking up his stats now, I'm kinda surprised I didn't see a single one in use at North American Internationals. There were a number of Trick Room users. I wonder what it is about Wishiwashi that scares off the competitive players. Seems like he was meant to be used in Trick Room, and Trick Room pretty much belongs to Doubles.

Originally Posted by dirkac View Post
I think he's referring to Fomantis and I will not have you shittalk my mantis orchid
Oh no I am definitely referring to shitty Bounsweet and how amazingly adorable and yet astonishingly shitty it is. (Not referring to Tsareena at all. Again, keep in mind: I typically didn't look things up while playing. Even if I had, Tsareena wouldn't have had a spot on my team: Physical Grass is a slot already taken by Decidueye.)
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