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Sweeney is a little surprised to see Lulu approach and be so talkative, the bartender simply deciding to nod in response to what she was saying. It wasn't so much that he had nothing to say himself, more so that his mind was immediately drawn to the strange creature which she had said emerged from the egg. Crouching low, Sweeney goes to run one of his gloved hands over the white fur of the Larvesta, but he finds himself pausing, his hand hovering over the body of the Bug type. Sweeney could feel the intense warmth radiating from the body of this new hatchling, and he found himself frozen in that moment, He wouldn't quite describe it as beautiful - Sweeney was too much of a stoic to consider anything quite so poetic - but his mind was certainly transfixed by this being before him. Finally, he allows his hand to run over the soft fur of the Larvesta, the Bug type reflexively spitting out a few embers and withdrawing from the touch. Blinking behind his helmet, Sweeney takes a moment to pat down the small patches of smoldering fabric on his suit, a sigh escaping his throat. Yet another patch job that would need to be taken care of. Still, it wasn't as if his current bunch were a controlled bunch. As timid as she may seem, the little one would probably fit right in. Reaching into his pack, Sweeney pulls forth a Poke Ball, offering it to the youngster - who happily headbutts the small button on the capsule, allowing herself to be sucked within.


Claiming this new lass with one of my outstanding Poke Balls! Much thanks.
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