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By the time Tate and their Vaporeon make their entrance to the Hatchery, any signs of the mess the last infant made are long gone. Instead of dirt and rock, there is a small inflatable wading pool sitting on the floor of Miss Lulu's room. Against all odds, her dress is still immaculate, but the young lady watching over her charges has the glow of exertion about her. She wipes her forehead quickly and hurries over to Tate, shaking their hands enthusiastically. "Tate! Welcome back!" she says warmly, before turning her attention to the trainer's Pokémon. "Oh! Who might this be? Goodness, you are lovely, aren't you."

She studies the rather unhappy Kai carefully for a moment and nods. "She's feeling clucky, is she? Well, I wish you many blessings for your good health and fertility, dear one. In the meantime, perhaps you could help your trainer to look after this new baby?" Miss Lulu indicates the wading pool, where an expressionless Pokémon floats in the cool water. Despite its lack of features one might ordinarily deem 'cute', the nursemaid looks fondly at the bathing creature. "Say hello now," she coos encouragingly, nodding towards Tate and Kai.

With a splash, the Pokémon leaps to its... feet? It bends forward, two of its limbs folding down in more or less an approximation of how a human might bow. Miss Lulu claps delightedly, her ruffled skirt bouncing with her energetic movement. "What good manners! You're quite the charmer, my little friend."

Emboldened by the praise, the creature's core glitters briefly before it sprays a happy little shower of water over everyone in attendance. Silence follows. Miss Lulu hesitates for a full beat before her usual smile returns and she gives a slightly damp shrug. " know, I appreciate how refreshing that was. I suppose you'll all be off then!"

The brunette walks her guests to the door to see them off on the next part of their travels. "It was nice to see you again, Tate! If you should come back here to see the good doctor, please feel free to poke your head into the incubation room and say hello!"

Tate has hatched a lv. 1 Staryu!
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