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The League had sent another today; a precious parcel of life unborn with which Tate was entrusted. It was a humbling honor which made Tate both excited and nervous... and maybe a little uncomfortable. It was, of course, too hectic around the bird keeper's home to keep such a fragile thing as an egg, and so once again it would fall to Miss Lulu to tend to it; Kai had come along with her trainer to drop off the egg this time, and as they entered the Hatchery, the Vaporeon seemed anxious and antsy, sniffing the air and pricking her fins. She had been in a strange set of moods since the last egg had arrived... Tate hoped it wasn't serious.


Dropping off Enigma Egg #2 for incubation.

"Kai, no," Tate growled, dragging the Vaporeon away from the double doors that led towards the breeding facilities by her thick, muscular tail. The Vaporeon's clawed feet scraped desperately at the tiled floor, evidently desperate to get into Doctor Grossman's wing of the Hatchery. "You need a male, Kai. We've been over this. We're here to see Miss Lulu, anyway."

The Vaporeon huffed and went limp, giving up on her dreams if only for that moment. She'd have her progeny come hell or high water, she just... had to find a male. In the mean time... they might as well see what sort of wretched creature was going to come out of the egg that wasn't hers, and therefor she didn't care about.

Hatching this Enigma Egg.
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