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Originally Posted by Meetan View Post
Another bunch of days, another adoption. Alice was as convinced as the staff that the remaining Pokemon of the establishment were probably going to be taken by her (although the joke wasn't true-- she had her own Geodude, after all), and on top of that, there were now remarks made about the 'Koffing incident'. Alice apologised profusely, but it wasn't her fault, and they all knew it. Had it happened since? Well, yes, and it was a nightmare, but that was what she had taken home and Alice would handle it.

The summer heat had returned, so it was flat sandals that tapped the floor this time, floral dress sweeping about pasty legs as the trainer made her way down the row. Alice had her blue eyes set on a fighting type this time: a female Machop, probably less popular than her male equivalent, but that didn't matter. Alice had always adored their line, and as Blaze had yet to evolve, there was a fighting-typed hole in her rotation that could do with filling.

"Hey, girl. I know I'm pretty small and I run like a weirdo, but I thought you could whip me into shape and I could love you, make you stronger and show you the world. Sound like a plan?" Alice had a Poke Ball and $30 waiting for her good acquaintances outside, so now she could only hope that the Pokemon thought her good enough to walk out the door with.

It seems you've picked a special one this time -- as you begin talking to the Machop, you find an audience gathering aroudn you, as staff members gather around to watch the exchange. An old lady clutches her apron with tears in her eyes. A teenage boy is clearly trying not to get choked up. A pair of preteen girls have written "NANI!" on printer paper with colorful markers. What the hell is going on?!

The Machop has a rag in her hand, and you realize she's helping with chores! She must be a real staple around this place. She looks up to you with wide eyes, apparently startled by the fact that you're nt only paying attention to her, but propositioning her. She looks away shyly, color rising in her cheeks, and tries to wave you off bashfully, but the crowd has begun chanting her name -- Nani! Nani! Nani!

She had been adopted once before, but came back to this place to give hope to all the others who hadn't found a home yet. Now they're watching from their cages, creates, and aquaria as people cheer for her to get a home?! Oh, it's all too much! You're an awfully pretty young girl, though! She loves your dress -- she loves flowers! So many people don't get that. They expect her to be fighting, fighting, fighting all the time! Fighting is cool, of course, but she isn't just a stereotype!

She reaches for the hem of your dress, to inspect the pattern. The crowd begins to coo. It really is such a lovely pattern -- you have such good taste! She sets her rag aside, and holds up one hand, urging you to wait there a moment. Then she trots away, and out the door, to the back where the outdoor enclosures are. The crowd goes silent. A hush fills the room. A few minutes later, she returns with a fistfu of flowers, which she sets on one of the countertops. With adept hands, she begins to weave them into a chain, which she hen loops into a necklace. Craning up on her tippy-toes, she puts it around your neck -- it looks so nice with your dress! She gives a nod; she wouldn't mind seeing what it would be like to see the world with a girl like you. The crowd erupts. A grown man is sobbing. The manager pushes through the dozen or so volunteers, face wet with tears and snot. It's not a very flattering look.

"You take good care of Nani!" The weeping manager croaks, invading your personal space. It would almost sound like a threat were Tate not woefully underwhelming. Then something seems to occur to everyone at the Center almost at the same time; a realization Tate puts into words. "Well... she might not be 'Nani' anymore."

The Machop nods, and nudges the overprotective manager away. She might not be Nani, but she'll always be beautiful! She offers you a hand to hold -- you two are friends now, right? She pulls you towards the front lobby, so you can fill out the paperwork; she knows how this place works like the back of her hand. You walk past weeping, cheering people as she does. It's weird, but is it the weirdest thing that's happened here?

Someone has to console Tate for most of the day, but it's a happy ending. ♥

Adoption of Lv. 01 (F) Machop confirmed.
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