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Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
Once again, Keith Masters was visiting the Adoption Center. Once again, this was with the intention of adopting one of their many Pokémon to give it a good home. And once again, almost as soon as he entered, his attention was caught by something decidedly less than usual.

"Oh, geez," Meowth groaned. "Yer gonna adopt 'em, ain't ya?" he asked Keith. Instead of answering, however, Keith kept his focus on the duo currently wrestling on the floor, a pair of arm-like beings with faces in their hands. Not far from them stood a rock with two large holes in the top. Keith had seen this kind of Pokémon before, but never in such a... dismantled state before. He took out his Pokédex and pointed it at the creature.

"Binacle, the Two-Handed Pokémon. A Rock and Water-type," said Keith's Pokédex. "Binacle live in pairs on a single rock. If they fight, one of them may end up moving to a different rock."

"Well, this pair certainly seems to be fighting," Keith observed, as each of the Binacle heads kept on Scratching the other, as a harried-looking Adoption Center employee tried vainly to get the situation under control. For his troubles, he received only a faceful of Sand from the Binacle's Attack. "You OK?" he added to the employee.

"Gah... yeah," croaked the employee after spitting up more sand than a Hippopotas with the stomach flu. "This Binacle started getting restless- been here for weeks and nobody's adopted them yet. No idea what they're fighting over, but it happens more and more frequently, and I can never seem to stop them... and they're not gonna get anyone to adopt them by acting this way, either," he added sadly.

"Ohhhh, no!" Meowth exclaimed, seeing the all-too-familiar gleam in Keith's eye. "Youse can't be tinkin-"

"-about adopting the Binacle?" Keith grinned. "We're long past the point of thinking about it, Meowth." He turned to the employee. "I'll take the Binacle," he said.

'Bina?!" exclaimed both Binacle bodies simultaneously, their fighting stopping at once as they turned to look at who had just volunteered to be their Trainer.

"Hi," Keith smiled, crouching down to greet the Binacle. "I'm Keith. How about I be your Trainer?"

The Binacle exchanged glances, then nods. "Bina! Binacle Binacle!" they exclaimed, hopping up and down. Then, they hopped back over to the rock nearby, each Binacle body inserting itself in one of the large holes. Then, the whole thing hopped over to Keith- now this looked more like Binacle as Keith had seen them in the past! "Bina!" added one of the heads, the one on Keith's left. "Bina Binacle, bina bina Binacle!"

"So accordin' ta dat guy, his name's Elliot, and his associate, da one on yer right, dat's Leroy," Meowth explained. "Collectively dey go by da name Elliott- dat's spelled wit two Ts, whereas da first guy's name, dat's only spelled wit one T. He was weirdly specific about dat," Meowth shrugged.

"Weirdly specific indeed," Keith nodded. "Well, y'know what? I can roll with it," he smiled. "Nothing wrong with a little weirdness." As he spoke, he dug a Premier Ball out of his backpack, offering it to the Two-Handed Pokémon. Leroy reached out for it, only for Elliot to smack him and scold him. Then, the right hand reached out himself to tap the ball's button. The whole Binacle was pulled into the ball, and it barely wobbled before falling still. Keith smiled at the Premier Ball containing his new Binacle for a moment, then turned his attention to the Adoption Center employee, who looked stunned and relieved at the same time. "So," he said. "I guess there's the matter of payment now."

OOC: Adopting the level 1 male Binacle, naming him Elliott (right hand is named Elliot, left hand is named Leroy) housing him in this Premier Ball (#2 of 5), and declaring his Ability to be Tough Claws.

Oh, yeah- payment. That's a thing. 30.
"Binacle, huh?" Tate mused, over the roar of the wet-dry vacuum. Trying to get all the sand up was a hassle, and of course it'd fall upo the manager to do the dirty work no one else wanted to do. They were just volunteer labor adfter all -- the staff really wasn't obligated to do much if they didn't want to. Tate didn't know much about the species; it wasn't native to Johto, nor to Alola, and so the aspiring bird keeper hadn't bothered to commit its details to memory. Killing he power to the appliance for a moment, Tate fished a brightly colored Pokedex out of a back pocket, and pulled up the entry for Binacle.

"So it evolves, huh?" Tate mused, thumbing to the next page. The bizarre creature wasn't to the Johto native's tastes, but then, that's why Tate hadn't adopted it. Rather, the increasingly infamous Mr. Masters had, adding another to the long list of adoptions under his name. Tate had long since come to recognize the young man's signature on the forms. "Well, I'm sure it'll thrive."

The vacuum switched back on. If nothing else, the Binacle was going to live a very interesting and adventurous life. What more could the little guys ask for?

Adoption of Lv. 01 (M) Binacle confirmed.
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