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"See?!" Tate said, slamming both hands on the table suddenly in a fit of validation. It made Ikaika and Uhane jump. "What did I tell you! I-it wasn't a breeding mill, but-... I mean... this is pretty spot on, isn't it?"

Tate seemed excited, as if thrilled to be, in fact, right. Beginning to pace again, Kai fell into line behind her master, the pair of them matching step in a curious duet of nervous energy. When Tate threw one arm up, Kai stomped a foot.

"I say we investigate the place!" was Tate's bright idea, sweeping an arm across the room. "Tomorrow morning. We go in, pretend to be patrons... take a look around. Geet a feel for the place, so we can come back tomorrow night and -- yeah!"

Tate clapped both hands together.

"Put a stop to their wretched work! We can help free all the Pokémon -- I've got connections, you know, for getting them back to places they'd belong -- we could do it. We could totally do it. Why couldn't we do it?"

Tate looks at Kai, whose typical bored disinterest in her trainer's misadventures seems to have been replaced with great enthusiasm. She liked all this clandestine nonsense. Besides, she had a sore spot for the trafficking of Pokémon.

"Casinos are bad fucking news, guys. The ones back where I come from were run by some shady characters. I bet all the stuff they stole from other gambling dens were just dirty goods anyway -- what do you say? Let's liberate some Pokémon!" Tate pleads, amped with nervous energy, blue eyes shining,

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