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Originally Posted by Marion Ette View Post

This is the main entrance to the Casino – as such, it is substantially guarded and monitored. Entering requires passing through two thick steel double doors, the first of which bears scars of previous attempts by law enforcement groups at breaking and entering. The amount of force required to break through them is probably beyond the capabilities of one Pokemon, or even a team of six. Since everyone in the daylight hours is posing as a trainer in search of a good time and quick riches, however, the doors will open for you... for now.

Once inside, entrants are greeted by a pair of guards on either side of the entryway - an Aegislash on the left, and a Metagross on the right. They wear little guard hats atop their heads with a Jirachi on them to indicate their positions. The Metagross in particular regards everyone with suspicion, but merely keeps an eye on the crowd.

Behind Aegislash are some more practical features of the lobby, such as a check-in counter/help desk, restrooms and a small souvenir shop. There is also an ELEVATOR near the restrooms. Behind Metagross are some plush couches for patrons to sit and relax, as well as the STAIRWAYS leading UPSTAIRS and DOWNSTAIRS. Two more guard Pokemon – an Arcanine sitting calmly by the help desk, and a Machamp in a Jirachi's Casino leather jacket (with four arm holes, of course) wandering about – make four in total.

In the center of the lobby is a massive fountain, lit by natural light from a star-shaped window above. The fountain depicts Jirachi, water spewing forth from his third eye, as statues of various Pokemon swim and play happily in the pool of water below. Behind this statue, one can continue STRAIGHT AHEAD to explore the rest of this floor. If the mood strikes you, of course, you could always turn around and go back OUTSIDE.

There are seven visible security cameras around the room – two point at the front door, one points at the check-out counter, one points at the fountain's back side, one points at the stairwell and one points at the entrance to the elevator.

Where will you explore first?

Everyone inside Hyrem's base awoke to a long and loud yowling that sounded like it came from a certain feline, and Hyrem ran downstairs, along with most of the Pokemon that were normally found indoors, going into the room with the small indoor pool to find a distraught Liepard on the other side fumbling through a much smaller pile of treasure than usual. Specifically, where there would be a good few stacks of tokens earned at Jirachi's Casino, those shiny coins were nonexistent now. "Oh," said Hyrem as soon as he noticed the difference that Selina was the first to see. "That's a pretty big problem." While the other Pokemon approached to console Selina, he ran back up the stairs and into his room, accessing the Coin Exchange from his PC. "ACCESS GRANTED," the computer voice droned. "YOUR COIN BALANCE IS CURRENTLY 0."

"What!?" Hyrem blurted out. "That's impossible, I've got at least six figures in coins!" Doing a little more digging, an article suddenly popped up that gave some pause to the trainer. "...Wait, the Casino is back? I thought it closed down months ago!" Something was certainly amiss as it seemed that, not only were huge stashes of coins being wiped off the face of the earth, there were also items and very rare Pokemon, all of which appeared in the Coins for Prizes shop at one point in time, that were disappearing with them! At the end of the article was a note from the writers, a call to action for those in the Fizzy Islands...not to brute force their way in, but rather be ready to steal back what was stolen from them.

"So...mysterious disappearances of all sorts of things?" a sultry voice whispered behind Hyrem's ear. "Ack!" he said in surprise, whirling around to find himself face to face with Tsurara, a recent acquaintance who had a taste for his flesh ever since she was a Snorunt. "Stop...doing that, you're gonna scare me to death!"
"One can only hope~" the Froslass crooned before floating closer to the computer. "One can also hope that certain...enemies of hers may be behind this."
"I really doubt they'd be a part of this-"
"And even if they aren't," she continued. "It's a casino, I haven't been to one in ages, and if there's anything to gain out of going to casinos it's a devilishly good time."
"I'd be more interested in the secrets they've got in there, especially where they might be hiding the Pokemon," Hyrem replied. "But I guess I can bring you along for the day part, as long as you pay attention to what's around you."
"Darling, you're walking a fine line insulting a lady like that~ I know my way around seedy places, and I know just how to get the best bits of gossip out of anybody!"
"I'm just worried you'll freeze someone to death in the process," said Hyrem.
"I can resist that temptation...for now," she said with a smile.

Both Hyrem and Tsurara went down to see Selina, who was still reeling from the sudden "hole in her pocket", and Hyrem knelt down next to her and got her attention with a few scritches behind her ear. As the big cat leaned into it and eventually melted into his lap, he tried his best to keep her calm with his voice: "It's okay, big girl, I've got an idea: we put your skills to good use and go steal stuff from the casino that robbed us!" Selina perked up at this idea and looked right into his eyes; her talents had always come in handy in the service of Team Pocket, but she had no idea her trainer would ever consider her thievery useful. She couldn't wait for the chance to truly make her mark on the world...


"Phew, finally indoors..." Tsurara didn't think the summer heat would affect her as much as it did, but that was probably one of the downsides of being a Froslass. Clinging to Hyrem's shoulders rather than relying on her own power to float, relief set in as soon as the air conditioning blew on them when they passed through the entrance, for Hyrem as well as Tsurara. "Good, now you can stop breathing on my neck and sending those creepy chills down my spine," he gave a cold response.
"Oh come now," Tsurara whispered, "you know I'm going to keep doing it until you admit you like it~ Besides, don't people from the Kanto region tell scary stories to each other during the summer to cool themselves off?"
"Yeah, but normally those stories aren't real!" he rebutted, Tsurara only having her left arm draped over his left shoulder, the energy returning to her now that they were in a cooler environment.
"Remind me again why you're with me and not Selina?" he asked.
"There was rumors of trinkets being available to be stolen, remember?" she whispered again. "Much too tempting for a cat thief, I imagine. And she's waiting for word from her 'Team Pocket' friends before she is ready to move; I, however, am much less patient, and I'm here to have some fun! You know, just a little reminiscing about things I used to do when I was alive." She looked around, noticing the guards out and about and gave a wink to the Aegislash and Metagross back at the entrance. "Anyway, where to...master~?"
Hyrem had to take a moment to bring his focus off the Ghost-type flirting with him and on to where might be the best place to explore and find where they might be hiding the Pokemon. I don't think we'll get much by looking around the ground floor, we're probably better off searching higher or lower. "How about upstairs? I kinda want to look for somewhere really roomy."
"As long as there's someone I can talk to, I won't mind~"
"...Right." As he started traveling to the upper floor, he hoped it would be the topmost floor and therefore a place with easy roof access. If not, it might still be worth looking around in case there was an area that might be interesting for people to poke around later on at night.

EDIT: Pokedex entries:
Spoiler: show
Aegislash, the Royal Sword Pokemon, and the final evolution of Honedge. Myths about this Pokemon have been known to conflict with each other, with some myths claiming it sees leadership qualities inside various humans and serves them until those humans have become rulers, while others call it the true ruler behind a human "puppet figure", manipulating people and Pokemon both rich and poor under its domain.

Metagross, the Iron Leg Pokemon. A single entity with four minds, this Pokemon can calculate anything faster and smarter than the world's smartest supercomputer. It is therefore easily able to outsmart anything it encounters and make it a potential meal, overpowering its prey by using its four legs to pin down the most important limbs before dropping its heavy main body on the pinned target. Once the prey is either dead or incapacitated, it starts to eat, crushing the body in its mouth.

Arcanine, the Legendary Pokemon. Despite being classified as the Legendary Pokemon due to its status in Eastern mythology as sitting alongside a conqueror of many kingdoms, Arcanine is much more common compared to the Legendary-class Pokemon of today. It is highly prized by many trainers due to its regal appearance, its deep bark, and its ability to run as if on thin air. Its internal flame fuels its running capabilities as well as its fire breath attacks.

Machamp, the Superpower Pokemon. Machamp is unique from most other fighters in that it has four arms instead of two, giving it a fighting style that catches opponents off guard and overwhelms them. This includes lightning fast punches, lifting opponents over its head before throwing them miles away from it, or holding them in place with all four arms in a lock move that is near impossible to escape from. Its main weakness is its large fingers which prevent it from doing any delicate or dexterous work.

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