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Despite being happy to see Sirius again, Marion gave a heavy sigh, and insisted that she really couldn't stay. Minerva was somewhat surprisingly quick to drop the matter, agreeing to complete the trade for Liliana on Marion's behalf. After this, Bedivere prompted Marion to promise to visit again, a promise Marion proceeded to make. The promise sounded rather halfhearted, yet decidedly genuine, and that second part alone was enough to get a small smile out of Keith. "It really was nice to see you again, Marion," he said. "Anytime you're in the area, please, feel free to drop by." He held Minerva in his arms as he spoke, after which he turned his attention to August. The farewell she and Minerva exchanged were nowhere near as cordial. In fact, Minerva's way of bidding farewell to August consisted entirely of a rude hand gesture. Keith gave the Dragonite a look, one which he hoped communicated not only the respect he personally still had for the Dragon/Flying-type, but also the undeniable fact that if she had any intention of following through on what she was so clearly considering doing, that she would first have to go through him. Whether this had any bearing on August's decision to back down, we may never know- in any case, August thought better of what she was considering doing, shook her head, and turned to leave. Bedivere then said a few final words to Minerva, and with that, the Jellicent and Dragonite exited along with their Trainer. Keith gave a respectful bow of the head to Bedivere in response to his own elaborate bow- it was hard to not show Bedivere the same levels of courtesy he showed everyone else, at least in Keith's opinion.

After that, it was back to just Keith and Minerva. Well, not exactly- Sirius was still in the hallway. Also, Peeves and Liliana were still nearby, and this time, Marion's departure did not mean Liliana's departure as well, a fact that was by no means lost on Peeves. Indeed, Minerva was examining the Dusclops's Poké Ball, her expression unreadable. Keith gave a nod as Minerva remarked that she supposed she ought to be proud of her. "Elite Four," Keith responded. "That's certainly not nothing." He looked at Minerva. "We'll see her again," he said, a genuine confidence in his tone- a confidence as genuine as what he perceived Marion's promise to be. Whether things would get better between Minerva and August, Keith had no idea. But as far as Minerva and Marion went? In Keith's opinion, there was plenty reason to have hope. As Keith held Minerva close to him, Sirius approached Minerva, sniffing curiously. Well did the Mightyena remember a time when his reaction to Minerva's presence included wariness, loud growling, and much baring of his teeth, but now he knew that sometimes his Trainer's instincts were worth trusting over his own. He walked up beside Minerva, nudging her lightly in hope of maybe getting a scratch behind the ears.

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