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And yet to times in hope, my verse shall stand -

Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
Any response on Marion's part was delayed by Bedivere. He handed Marion a tart before politely requesting a turn to speak. Keith nodded, of course he would let Bedivere speak. And speak Bedivere did- that one time he and Aislyn briefly arrived at Hyrem's Secret Base, they had feared that Marion would get killed by Minerva. Apparently, August had fought off Minerva, a battle that had nearly cost the Dragonite her life, and while Marion appeared unscathed by the experience, she had indeed been changed by it. Marion cut him off before he could get into too much detail on this, but after that, Bedivere asked that Marion stay, spend some time with her friends. August seemed less than amused by this notion, and Marion did not sound all that willing to stick around. Minerva took this chance to speak up, pleading with Marion to stay.

"Please, Marion, stay," Keith added, accepting the glass of wine Bedivere offered him. He paused to take a sip, before continuing. "You're always more than welcome here, and I know some of my Pokémon would love to see you again." As if to drive the point home, a Mightyena wandered into the hallway, his tail wagging upon spotting Marion. Keith smiled at the sight of Sirius, before continuing. "Why don't we all go in and have a seat?" he offered, gesturing to the living room.
Though the sight of the familiar Mightyena brings a smile to the Elite's face, it is immediately followed by a heavy sigh, her shoulders sagging with the weight of some unseen burden.

"I'm sorry, Sirius," she finally says. "I'd love to stay and see how you and the others are doing, but -"

"But sister," Minerva interrupts, the smell of wine already thick on her breath. "Will you not listen to-"

"You have the papers, and Liliana's Pokeball. I trust you will complete the trade on my behalf."

"...Yes, Mary. I will." In a manner surprisingly uncharacteristic of the infamously hot-tempered and stubborn soul, Minerva backs down, sinking into Keith's arms and into her wine. "You're really not going to stay...?"

"Minerva, you of all people should know that -" Marion starts, but thinks better of finishing the sentence. "I'll make a point to visit when things are less hectic."

"Ohohoho, you must promise~" Bedivere interjects, patting his trainer's shoulder with a tentacle. "Promise your dear friends, as a lady should, ohohoho~"

"...Right. I promise," The promise, though not terribly enthusiastic, sounds genuine enough - with a gracious bow and a quickly muttered, "Sorry, I'm late for" that trails off into nothing, Marion turns around and leaves. Bedivere briefly floats into the living room to set the picnic basket down for his hosts to enjoy after his departure.

August silently glares at Minerva and snorts - Minerva simply responds by giving her the finger with one hand, while sipping her wine with the other. It's clear as the dragon winds back a claw that she is strongly considering knocking the glass right out of the former ghost-type's hand, but she retracts her claws, shakes her head and turns to leave. Bedivere silently watches the exchange (well, silent save for a few little chortles). Just before leaving himself, Bedivere turns to Minerva, a strange flicker in his eyes.

"Like as the waves make towards the pebbled shore,
So do our minutes hasten to their end -"

He smiles, and with an elaborate bow and a flourish, exits Keith's Secret Base with his trainer and dragon companion.

Minerva examines the Pokeball in her hand, her expression difficult to read. Whatever emotions were running through her now, she seemed to have enough grasp on them to stifle their appearance.

"I suppose I should be proud of her," she comments, almost offhandedly.

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