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Hiero had been staring out a window while listening to the conversation unravel, briefly turning toward Tate as they (eccentrically) explained the predicament that had been unfolding.

"Hiero! Mr. Shadow! This is where you come in, my good man! We cannot cleanse this world from the light! People are too critical! Too stupid! 'Oooh, what's wrong with breeding my Eevee fifteen fucking times with its brother?! You're a killjoy!' Fuck you, your breeding practices are immoral!"

Hiero didn't even realize he had been slowly backing up and awkwardly rubbing his neck as Tate shamelessly had entered his personal bubble, which, to be fair, was roughly the size of a blimp. He found himself backed against a wall as Tate continued their tirade. Tate must have realized they had gotten a bit carried away, because after an awkward moment of silence, Tate took a step back and cleared their throat.

"...we need someone who can get shit done without drawing attention, you see. Someone who can work from the shadows. That's you, my man."

Hiero's mien became relaxed at the final point. 'Someone who can work from the shadows'. It's true - Hiero was more than capable of doing just that, and he has demonstrated as much time and time again in the past. Perhaps the Ghost-type Pokemon he had spent so much time around had rubbed off on him...

Suddenly, Athena's phone went off, disrupting his train of thought. She brought up a Holocaster and displayed a news report. Hiero slowly looked around the room at his new compatriots as the realization dawned on everyone's face that the report oddly corroborated with everything Tate had just told them.

"So let me get this straight: There's been a boom in the population sizes of traditionally rare Pokemon - and at the same time, casinos everywhere are losing their prized Pokemon and possessions left and right with no explanation whatsoever, literally vanishing into thin air." Hiero wrapped the palm of his hand around his face and pinched his chin, as if stroking a beard that did not exist. He turned to the Pokemon on the other side of the room, most of whom were excitedly enjoying themselves, blissfully ignorant to the human problems of the world, and to the events that were playing out. Hiero looked up back to the group. "Well then. It seems pretty open and shut to me. It's true that it could just be a coincidence, and if it is, then that's one hell of weird coincidence... but all signs point to Jirachi's Casino being a prime suspect for some sort of foul play here." Hiero turned back to the window he had been staring out of previously and took a sip of the juice the Ampharos had handed him. "So then, it sounds to me like we need to take a trip to Jirachi's Casino and scope the place out. And the sooner we do it, the better." Hiero turned back to the group again. "So, anyone have any ideas on how we do this?"
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