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Jayson was eager to get inside the Jirachi's Casino, not only was he thirsty after his long journey to the location, he was keen to case the joint in preparation for their infiltration. He was a well travelled man but he had never taken on such a large joint venture, it was important that he contributed as best he could while keeping his identity concealed. He wasn't entirely sure what to expect, all he knew was that there would be eyes on them at all times, which is the reason he had chosen to bring Odysseus with him. The Magnemite was used to playing a tactical role within his team and would likely excel in this situation. Not only was the Magnemite analytical but it was also capable of interacting with electronics. It was well known that Pokemon of his species had the ability to hack electronic devices, something that could prove vital during both stages of the heist.

Jayson entered the Casino casually, passing by the Metagross and Aegislash that stood guard at the door. Odysseus stuck close to his side, he had instructed the Magnemite to take note of everything. Odysseus had the ability to teleport which would likely come in handy but he would need to see different areas of the Casino if he wanted to teleport around later. The first thing he did was make his way into the restroom. He spent a few moments in there. One because it was a long trip with no toilet breaks. Two because it would make a great location to teleport to if they got into trouble. He didn't bother looking around in there for any clues though since it didn't really strike him as a place he would find some. Jayson washed his hands before exiting the restroom, immediately turning towards the elevator. He had to wait a few minutes to get the elevator to himself but eventually it seemed he was clear to enter. He quickly pressed the button to close the door behind him, he didn't want anyone else in there with him.

"Odysseus", he whispered, "I assume there is a surveillance camera in here, see if you can disrupt it and trace where the feed is coming from, we need to locate the surveillance room as soon as possible."

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