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Originally Posted by Marion Ette View Post

This is the main entrance to the Casino – as such, it is substantially guarded and monitored. Entering requires passing through two thick steel double doors, the first of which bears scars of previous attempts by law enforcement groups at breaking and entering. The amount of force required to break through them is probably beyond the capabilities of one Pokemon, or even a team of six. Since everyone in the daylight hours is posing as a trainer in search of a good time and quick riches, however, the doors will open for you... for now.

Once inside, entrants are greeted by a pair of guards on either side of the entryway - an Aegislash on the left, and a Metagross on the right. They wear little guard hats atop their heads with a Jirachi on them to indicate their positions. The Metagross in particular regards everyone with suspicion, but merely keeps an eye on the crowd.

Behind Aegislash are some more practical features of the lobby, such as a check-in counter/help desk, restrooms and a small souvenir shop. There is also an ELEVATOR near the restrooms. Behind Metagross are some plush couches for patrons to sit and relax, as well as the STAIRWAYS leading UPSTAIRS and DOWNSTAIRS. Two more guard Pokemon – an Arcanine sitting calmly by the help desk, and a Machamp in a Jirachi's Casino leather jacket (with four arm holes, of course) wandering about – make four in total.

In the center of the lobby is a massive fountain, lit by natural light from a star-shaped window above. The fountain depicts Jirachi, water spewing forth from his third eye, as statues of various Pokemon swim and play happily in the pool of water below. Behind this statue, one can continue STRAIGHT AHEAD to explore the rest of this floor. If the mood strikes you, of course, you could always turn around and go back OUTSIDE.

There are seven visible security cameras around the room – two point at the front door, one points at the check-out counter, one points at the fountain's back side, one points at the stairwell and one points at the entrance to the elevator.

Where will you explore first?
Jirachi's Casino. Finally she got to see it with her own two eyes, she had heard it was vastly different from the old casino but... she had never actually gotten to see it in it's glory days. However, she wasn't exactly here to gamble --- quite the contrary actually, she was here to investigate the scandal. Although, at this point, she wasn't exactly sure it was even a scandal. Sure, loads of people's vouchers and hard earned coins were missing without a trace, and she imagined many people were particularly upset about it. But it didn't effect her personally, so why did she care exactly? Well that answer was simple:

She was simply here for the thrill.

Being bound to her home for so long due to her ailement, she hadn't actually seen a whole lot of the world. Now, she considered herself a morally good person. She would never kill, maim, or otherwise harm another living creature --- and she always attempted to do things with absolutely pure intentions. But the simple thought of actually breaking into a large establishment such as this, well, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. It wasn't like she could actually ever commit anything like this on her own, she wasn't exactly able-bodied enough to make that quick and effortless getaway that thieves, specifically those of the Phantom variety, were known for. Elka chuckled to herself at the thought, how helpful would she even be in this heist? Truth be told, she thought herself to be more of a liability at this point than anything, she was probably going to be that poor bastard that got caught in the getaway.

She glanced down at the leash in her hands. It might have been a better idea to actually bring Pascal along because he was actually trained for this sort of thing... but Morgana seemed like he was itching to get something done. He moved uncomfortably under the harness which was slightly too small for the mid-sized cat Pokemon. It was pretty obvious to the trained eye that he wasn't actually Elka's trained service Pokemon, but to the common observer, they would be none the wiser. The Torracat mewled unhappily, glancing up at his trainer. How did Pascal tolerate this awful harness? It made him feel itchy all over, he almost felt a new sort of respect for the little Eevee. Elka bent over slightly, petting the black and orange cat.

"Sorry Morgana... I know I should've brought Pascal for this. But you seem to need some more adventuring under your belt. Besides, I'm sure you're familiar with the term 'cat-burglar'." She chuckled at herself, causing the Torracat to roll his eyes. This was going to be a long day. Morgana knew that Elka stuck out like a sore thumb, even in the day time. The poor girl had that obnoxiously bright hair, and the mixes of pinks in her outfit certainly didn't help either. Not to mention the crutches, they would be a dead giveaway, even when they returned in disguises for the night.

The lobby was expansive, but Elka set her sights on something else. She knew that the casino was probably being well investigated at this point, but what about the outside? It was actually even more ideal for Elka, considering her phobia of large crowds and her particular lack of proper social skills. She glanced around, keeping an eye out for the cameras as she briskly limped back outside of the door. Perhaps she could find a proper infiltration route for herself and her companions outside? They certainly couldn't just waltz through the front door without all promptly getting escorted to the nearest police headquarters upon their arrest. She glanced around, instructing Morgana to do the same --- hoping that they might be able to find a proper point of interest and perfect place to get in unnoticed during the night.
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