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Bill couldn't believe what he was hearing. One of the last things, the absolute last things that he had to his name after losing most of his Pokemon and his items was about to be taken away, his Casino coins that he had saved up over the years. Was this yet another trick created by the Ocean of Mystery? He didn't know, but he was aware of one thing, apparently the very Casino that he took his time gambling at was the crux of it all. He had made plenty of fortunes here, mostly when they had the lottery tickets that gave out insane amounts of prizes, but as time went on, winnings had dwindled down to a mere paltry.

His Blastoise-turned-Squirtle, Silver, stayed by his side for this. The duo had been on many many adventures before, and breaking into places wasn't exactly out of the realm of what Bill has done before. This would be the first time that he would be able to scout ahead as well as it being in a modern building. He ended up walking casually through the casino. It was a nice change of pace from the usual "this area is forbidden" type deal, though the security cameras would prove to be an issue, especially with how they all point at the only obvious entry point. He thought about going outside, but without a Flying type partner to help scout, he decided to leave it. Instead, he would try to find another-less guarded entrance that may serve as more unexpected than just the front door.

Upon thinking about what to do about scouting out, he decided that maybe tackling the Upstairs at the stairway would be the best bet, after all, if there was gonna be any place to start, the second floor would yield the best benefits, he felt. A place that was close to the entrance, but far enough away that it might not attract too much attention.

"Okay, Silver, let's try up here first, maybe there's some new machines that'll give us the jackpot we need."

"Squirtle" the water-type said without missing a beat. He was excited to do any new adventures and this one would prove to be an interesting one to say the least. Both of them hoped that they didn't raise any suspicion with the two guards. Had this been a few months ago, they probably could take them on, but now with a very weak party, not so much.

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