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Originally Posted by Sparkbeat View Post
Ok so, as most everyone knows I was pretty deep into the pony thing back like 3 years ago or so. It's been a while, and I haven't watched anything since about my last post here a few posts up from this one. To the people still watching, preferably who have been watching a while, is it worth it to watch what I've missed? I'm never going to be as into it as I was, and all I'd be doing is watching it, but are the newer seasons quality enough that I won't just be kinda gritting my teeth through it and getting a little salty about it all, in your opinion? I put...way too much time from my life into it a while ago, and as I said above, I'd still like to keep up with it until it bites the bullet, but do you guys think its worth it?
I've been casually keeping up since I have a friend who's still into the series and it's something to pass time that isn't animu. Like you, "it's still a show I can kinda turn by brain off on [] and idly watch". Which isn't to say there aren't still a few gems here and there that remind me I do love me some ponies deep down.

Let me put it this way: Even if you haven't been following past seasons, I'd say it's worth it to check out episode 13 just on its own merit. It doesn't really require any recent knowledge, and works as a one-shot to expand on the background of one of the Mane 6.

I would also recommend episode 10, but it does feature a new character who shows up in S6 (and whose story arc basically spans the whole season/may or may not make you salty). The real stars are the Royal Sisters though.
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