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Originally Posted by Ex-Admiral Insane View Post
Fortune Teller’s Tent
Meetan: ~ (Rewriting your memory for PI reasons ;).)
You wandered through the gardens, the tranquil setting being ideal for a child to play in, but a noise coming from the shed attracted your attention instead. You nervously stepped towards it, inching closer to the opening and in want of calling out a name, which you didn’t. You poke your head inside to find the fridge door open, its contents spilled across the floor, one of which was an open tub of ice cream that shook lightly in its place. A small creature emerged from within and was startled by your presence.


The small, pink-coloured cat Pokémon took a few anxious steps back but you try to reassure it, though you yourself stumble a bit backwards out of fear of the Pokémon attacking. You stretch out a hand to the Espurr who nervously approaches you and sniffs carefully. Your mother wasn’t going to be happy about the Pokémon having broken into the fridge, nor would she be happy about you bringing a Pokémon into the house, but…

You offer to sneak the Espurr inside and get some ice for it. For some reason you didn’t really question the line of thought just yet. It is only a little later, once you start befriending the Pokémon a bit more that you’re wondering why you’re getting ice for an Espurr. They weren’t particularly inclined to the cold though, were they?

Your head pangs with sudden pain, like the onset of a migraine. Piece by piece your memory was reshaping to its former self once again, and in seconds you were your old self again; except you were trapped in a younger body, and Masaru…


What was the Espurr doing here instead? This wasn’t how you recalled the memory yet here the Espurr was enjoying your company and everything you gave it where the Ice-typed Swinub was supposed to be. What did the Espurr do to Masaru?

How do you react to it?[/COLOR][/SIZE]
Alice's room was as stereotypical for a girl as it could be: the walls were painted pink, the lampshade and curtains all matching and decorated with swirls and shapes. A white cabin bed with a ladder was set against the back wall, various furniture pieces of the same wood matching it. She had a TV with some consoles and a tape player, and a bookcase packed tight with books, comics, magazines and videos and there was a calender hanging on the back of the door. The picture depicted a beach scene of water Pokemon, Wingull soaring in an azure sky, perfect for a summer month.

The little girl was lucky that there was a bean bag nearby, because she practically crumpled over into it, her tiny body curling up as she whimpered and cried; little hands grasping the head that was stuffed into the hot pink bag. Alice thought she would scream with the agony as her memories set themselves back into place, fighting back against another life that didn't make a lot of sense. It took a few minutes before the trainer sat up, inhaling shakily, and peered down at the Espurr, and then around at the room. Her own room...?

A full length mirror alarmed Alice that she was not truly herself. She was skinnier, in the body of a child-- of herself-- and she stared, hands pressing around her face and hair and the rest of her as if there might be a disparity in the reflection. Blue eyes were drawn to the windowsill, peering out into a regular housing estate with a view of the town beyond. There were picture frames, too, of herself with her mother (who she looked nothing like), of her father (which she did) and a baby Shinx. Was that supposed to be the Pokemon replacement of their pet cat? It was like an alternate reality to her own-- if she had been in this world all along...

"Holy fuck, I'm gonna be sick." That was how Alice was going to react, apparently, and the 'child' convulsed. The bathroom was only next door, and with haste, she went and unloaded whatever her child self might have eaten into the toilet, feeling utterly disgusting and quite dazed. The trainer's reflection in the mirror lacked make-up, and looked even pastier (which probably bordered, appropriately, on ghostly).

The theme park had given her a wild ride, and she wanted Masaru, and then to get the hell off it.
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