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Lil' Bluey

It was a day like any other.

...Actually, scratch that. It was a dark and stormy night. Rain was pourin' down slick from the heavens like Skitty and Rockruff, rappin' at the windows and washin' away all the filth and grime of the New Fizz City streets. The booming concrete burg had been buffed fresh after all the turmoil of the town's recent coup d'état had settled, but it was like slappin' on a coat o' cheap paint onto an old broken toy. No amount of hasty, haphazard renovation could hide the revolting scars of revolution right after the fact. On the surface it shone as a pinnacle of a metropolis to attract tourists, but deep in its underground veins still ran the scum of society, takin' advantage of the upheaval to lie, steal, and cheat citizens out of their hard-earned winnings over the years. Every crime syndicate in the state was vyin' for top dog position in the shadows, tryin' to take control for themselves - like packs of power-hungry Mightyena scrappin' for a bone. Meanwhile the government had its hands full jus' tryin' to get back on its feet. Like a poor man who had hit rock bottom, without a penny or shred o' dignity to his name, down on his luck after losin' all his life's savings, it would take ages to fully rebuild the region to its former glory. No one said overthrowin' authority would be an easy process.

One such example of the seedier side of the city was Nightlife Row - aptly named for the street that never sleeps. It was near here that Detective Gumpy set up his makeshift office, in one of the back alleys' broken down, abandoned buildings where riots had taken place, ravishing the rooms previously for rent like illicit lovers in a sleazy hotel. Despite the crummy atmosphere, there was a crisp and cool sleekness to its tidied-up interior compared to its ramshackle front, marked only by a lopsided sign reading "Detective Gumpy - Private Eye for Hire".

Detective Gumpy sat at his desk, waiting idly for a case to come by. It had been a quiet evening, and he was just about to crack open a cup of instant noodles when she walked in.

She was all silver and swagger, shiverin' slightly from the chill despite being covered head to toe in exquisite furs, the likes of which he never did lay eyes upon before. She shook the rain off her mane, squeezing drops from the snowy scarf she had wrapped round like her neck like a feather boa. Serpent tempting Eve, with a fleece so fine it launched a fleet of thousand.

The dame gazed up at him, flashin' worrisome eyes that spelled trouble. Bad news was written all over her like a front page headline. He set aside his steaming brand and drew up his pipe instead, blowing bubbles towards the low ceiling fan at it hummed overhead, whipping its propellors with a steady background rhythm as she spoke.

"Please, Mistah, you gotta help me. It's mah trainer - her money - it all went missin'. We had a whole fortune kept locked tight in a safe at the Coin Exchange, but one night it all just up and vanished, down to the last dime. There ain't no witnesses or camera reports, and so the police won't do nothin'. Yer my last hope." She sniffed, dabbing at her ducts with the fluffy end of her train. "We're flat-broke now, but I promise I can pay ya handsome, once we get the money back."

He took a long drawl on his pipe, looking at the lass with pity. Such a sweet young thing, she didn't deserve to have her wallet gouged when it was already empty as a Swalot's stomache after using SPIT UP, without any guarantee of getting her riches rightfully returned. He patted her shoulder in sympathy, promising that as his first case ever, this one would be on the house. He was here to combat crime after all in lieu of the bumbling law enforcement, and the mystery in itself was what fueled his spirit. He would get to the bottom of this and exact justice, one way or another.


As it turned out, this wasn't just a solitary case of baffling bank robbery right under the guards' noses. Over the next few weeks, there was a string of thefts and mysterious kidnappings, computer system glitches displaying zero balances worldwide. One target was able to escape a mass hijacking from the Goldrenrod Prize Corner though: a newly hatched Mime Jr. The detective's next step then was to interview the sole key witness.

"Feste", as he was called, was a fidgety fellow. Squealed like a baby to investigators (which, seein' as he was one, made a good lick of sense). No one believed his story, about his pals being spirited away out of the blue, and a mental image of lobby no one had heard of in terms of design. Yet somethin' told Gumpy that the kid wasn't lyin'. Mimes don't make up strange tales out o' nothin'. (...Actually, scratch that from the record too.)

Following on the few leads he'd gathered, Detective Gumpy tried to track down the source of the cryptic vision, but no site seemed to match. The trail had gone cold. ...That is, until rumors about Jirachi's Casino's revival began to spread.

Jirachi's had always been the swankiest hangout for high rollers to come and spend their cash, frivolously frittering away time and finances in hopes of striking it big. Since the rebellion though, it had sat sad and unused for the longest time, like a forgotten plate of leftovers in the back of the fridge. Most assumed all its spoils would've been ransacked and stolen by now, yet here it was, inexplicably expanded and refurbished, once again opening its doors to the public. Its overwhelming opulence was only made more suspicious by the fact its lobby's appearance was seemingly identical to the one lil' Feste had described, which Gumpy had immediately recognized upon reading the morning paper (and subsequently spewed coffee all over the carpet rug).

Given the high level of security surrounding the location (and failed attempts of the police force to strongarm their way in), it looked like making more progress with the investigation was going to require some undercover work. There was something shady going on with the establishment all right, and he was determined to find out just what made this whole operation stink of Stunfisk...


"You okay, Gumpy? You've been acting kinda weird..."

Jess stared at the Swalot shuffling beside her, who was glancing shiftily about from behind the fake moustache he was wearing, in addition to drawing his cape and trenchcoat close and deerstalker hat low in an effort to disguise his features. Especially as they passed by a number of surveillance cameras and burly-looking sentry Pokémon on patrol or posted at their door stations. She wasn't sure why he insisted on coming along with her today, but it seemed like he had some important mission in mind, so she didn't refuse.

As for herself, she didn't really have a set purpose for coming here. Although she had made use of the gambling facilities in the past, she hadn't set foot near a roulette for so long that it lost its luster. (Although she did kinda miss the Lucky Draw.) After blowing most of her winnings on prizes for other people, she'd barely even bothered to check the paltry amount remaining since then.

As such, she was merely present as a sightseer, curious as to how yet another landmark in her memory had changed. It seemed she wasn't the only one, as a particularly huge crowd was gathering for the grand reopening. ...Although, it might've been her imagination, but they all seemed to share that same sneaky aura, like there was some kind of private scandal going on (or rather, one they were endeavoring to expose). She scratched her head, but decided it best not to stick her nose into it. Shrugging, she turned to her Swalot to let him lead the way.

"Anywhere you want to go?"

Gumpy deliberated for a bit, before heading towards, of all places, the restrooms. His goal was simple: Snoop around, and collect as much evidence as he could - and to do that he had to check every nook and cranny. Plus, in puzzle adventure games you could usually find some important clue surprisingly hidden in a bathroom, like a message written on the mirror or something. Not to mention there likely wouldn't be any cameras in there.

...Also that burrito he had for lunch was kinda bothering him.
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