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Jeri didn't fancy himself much of a thief. Nothing about him suggested he could contribute much to a raid of this massive, mysterious casino. But he heard some chatter about some sort of upcoming break-in to free the ill-gotten goods that had been stashed within. Though he didn't really plan to be an active participant, his thirst for adventure and general curiosity drew him to the casino regardless. After all, even if he wasn't particularly well-suited to this kind of operation, his longtime partner and friend Koi was rather perfect for it.

He deliberately chose a subdued outfit, wearing a dark colored hoodie and dark jeans over his normal clothes, trying to look nondescript but not particularly suspicious. He figured there would be a number of people drawn by the rumors of a supposed operation, so he tried his best to not draw attention, even taking precautions to have Koi tail him while camouflaged instead of entering the Casino with his Pokémon by his side.

The lobby was large and garish, filled with numerous trainers and Pokémon, but still appearing to be expansive in spite of that. He suspected a number of the trainers milling about were probably here for largely the same reason he was, and he figured maintaining a low profile wouldn't be terribly difficult. With his hood pulled over his head just far enough to obscure his face from the overhead cameras without hiding it from those on the ground level, he walked nonchalantly past the steely guards and made a beeline for the facilities to the Aegislash's back. Koi, using his climbing skills, crept behind Metagross, and being careful to spend as little time against surfaces that constrast with his red stripe, slinks after his trainer, keeping a few feet between them at all times. For the time being, Jeri would keep a low profile and watch as the first phase unfolded. He figured he would just stick to the lobby for now, examining the stock at the gift shop before moving onto the restrooms, keeping an eye out for any vents or similar access points in case he felt like coming back after dark...

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