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If Athena had anything to say about this group of strangers,
they were certainly interesting. She watched as Tate spread an overwhelming amount of documents across the table. They began to dive into what sounded like a well prepared speech.

"You're the best of the best! You're the smartest of the smart! You're the only ones who put your contact numbers on the adoption forms!" The trainer declared. Athena side glanced at Eclair. Was that really the only reason they were all here? Four flashes of light brought her attention to the bird Pokemon Tate had just called out. Her attention immediately fell on the round, green Pokemon whose feathers glittered in the light.

"You..." She mouthed angrily, identifying the Rowlet who had earlier latched herself to her hair and mussed it up. Eclair put her hand on her trainer's leg and shook her head. It wasn't worth it to get worked up right now. As the Bird Keeper explained each person's role, the friendly Ampharos had begun serving juice to her guests. She's like a housewife... Athena thought, thanking the Light Pokemon quietly before taking a sip to be polite. Tate had brought their attention to her. She flushed slightly at the claim that she was charming. Eclair was grinning, obviously a bit more confident in her abilities than her trainer. The Kalosian was the last to be addressed, and Tate was now waiting patiently for everyone's reply.

Gary and Cardia were on board right away, but Athena had her doubts. Of course she wanted to help out these Pokemon, but the details were too sparse for her comfort.

"This sounds great and all but-" Athena started, then was cut off by the phone in her pocket vibrating.

"Fairy~! Fairy~! Fairy~! Fairy~!" Her ringtone played. Athena, mortified, scrambled to retrieve her phone and turn it off. Her sudden movements, to her dismay, scared the Eevee she was holding out of her lap. She brought a finger up to turn the notification off,

"Uhh, I think we need to take a look at this..." Athena placed her phone on the table and brought up the broadcast on the Holocaster. A hologram of two newscasters manifested above the device, reading from a teleprompter as a ticker scrolled across the bottom of the screen. Athena reached over to turn the volume up.

"-prize Pokemon and items are vanishing without a trace. Footage from security cameras and eyewitness reports have corroborated this strange story – items and Pokemon literally disappearing before one's eyes, regardless of the level of security or number of witnesses present. Systems glitching and showing flat balances out of the blue. The cost of replenishing the missing items and Pokemon is unrecoverable for many of these establishments. PNN is reporting that one Pokemon has been uncovered, a young Mime Jr. named Feste. Expert psychic types have interrogated this Mime Jr., and believe they have a lead at Jirachi's Casino. Jirachi's is seemingly untouched by this strange phenomenon, but locals have reported that the Casino has gone through drastic renovations and is 'unrecognizable' in its current state. More on this story as it develops."

The newscast cut to a commercial, and Athena grabbed her phone once more and shut it off. Being new to the region, she had never been to Jirachi's Casino before. Kalos wasn't known for gambling, but she knew that the region sometimes exported Eevee to casinos as prizes. Casinos were prime places for obtaining rare, and even Pokemon thought to be extinct. What Tate had brought to their attention now made much more sense. She looked to the others, wondering what they were thinking.

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