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Patches adjusts her glasses which had become a bit lopsided and fixes the pleats on her skirt, as much as she wants to keep playing on the slide she can’t keep the others waiting so she finally heads over to the table. Once she reaches the table she is still feeling a bit too excited to sit down so instead she just stands while looking around at the others before her. She glances over at Momo while Athena introduces herself and can see that he is just having the time of his life soaking up all of this new attention. He is really putting on the Charm in the hopes of keeping her Captivated with him and it seems to be working out well for him. “Er… Hi everyone, my name is Hiero. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Her attention is suddenly drawn elsewhere when Hiero, who is across from her, finally introduces himself. She looks at him dead in the eye and places her palms on the table so that she can lean closer to get a better look. “Whoa! You really are Hiero!” She stands up straight once again, prepared to continue speaking but her thoughts are interrupted by something being slammed onto the table. It would seem that the introductions had been continuing while she was lost in thought.

Staring down at the papers that have been spread out before her, she is very impressed with Tate’s writing and art, feeling honored that she was one of the lucky few who were brought out here to view it. She listens as Tate goes on to explain each piece of their work, since she knows nothing about art she is having a hard time following but keeps smiling and nodding all the same. Sir Tibs is listening intently, he has climbed onto the table and is shifting through the paperwork, picking up some of the papers with graphs to look at them more closely while scratching his chin with his claw. Suddenly, Tate begins to release several Pokemon, one of them fits the exact description of the damsel he had been told about. He puts down the paper and hops off of the table in order to approach her, since she is the reason he came here in the first place.

That is when Tate’s Delibird places a beautifully wrapped present on the table. Patches’ excitement grows as she hopes the present is for her but no one has the chance to claim it before Tate pops it open and a soft-boiled egg rolls out. Tate moved on to talk with Hiero as the egg just sits there on the table. ’Is no one going to claim that generous gift?’ She looks around at everyone, no one seems to be paying any attention to the egg, and Tate is addressing other people at this point. Not wanting it to go to waste, she reaches out and grabs the egg, then cracks its shell on the table and begins to peel it but suddenly she is caught. “Oh… and Cardia.” She is startled by the sudden mention of her name and drops the egg on the floor where it rolls away. Patches listens to what Tate has to say and nods, “That’s so sweet of you to feel that way about me! I’m glad that you think so!”

Meanwhile, Sir Tibs licks his claw and brushes it through the feather on his head in order to make sure he looks well-groomed, he then straightens his posture and begins to approach the damsel he had been searching for. That is when it happens, she begins to intentionally drool a black horribly smelling substance from her mouth. This stops Sir Tibs dead in his tracks, he watches as the vile liquid drips down her face and onto the floor in complete shock. That was not what he had signed up for at all. He slowly backs away and then climbs back onto the table, continuing to look through the papers.

While that was going on, Patches had kept her attention on Tate as they concluded their speech with asking for everyones help. ’Oh no, It sounds like we’re actually being asked to help with something serious.’ Finally, Patches realizes that Tate had another reason to bring everyone out here besides just showing off their art and writing. That’s when their host, Gary, introduces himself and immediately agrees to help. Now that they have her full attention all she needed to hear was that Gary is helping because there are Pokemon out there that are in need. She raises a hand high up into the air and then quickly brings it down slamming it onto the table. “You can count me in too! If there are Pokemon in trouble, I will do whatever it takes to help!”
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