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As the swarm of Carvanha picked up their pace, their yellow fins jutting out of the water and gliding toward you effortlessly, Kratos dug his hand into the side of the small hill and propelled himself downward, curling the mud in his palm as he slid to your side. With a forceful thrust, the Golduck palmed the sizeable chunk of mud across the swap with a hefty Mud Bomb. With a large splash, all of the Carvanha immediately ceased movement, but only briefly. At once, they turned to the source of the splash and began darting toward it at a furious pace.

Breathing a sigh of relief, you looked around to find something to pull yourself out of the swamp. Thankfully, it wasn’t difficult, as there were a number of vines hanging from the mangroves, some even dipping into the bogs below. You grabbed a vine and tugged gently to make sure it was safe before lifting yourself onto the land. The torrential rainfall continued as you slowly found your footing, making sure you had a firm balance before reaching upward to grab another vine to lift yourself back up the side of the hill. After repeating this process several times, you finally managed to come back to the top of the hill that you had fallen from, grabbing one final vine and thrusting your weight forward toward the makeshift trail that you had been walking on previously. However, while you yanked the vine and lifted yourself up back to the trail, you could immediately perceive a difference in the way the vine felt within your grasp. Before you had time to analyze the situation, the vine reacted, immediately whipping you onto the muddy pathway with a tumble.

In the blink of an eye, a large, flat-headed, plant-like creature dropped from the canopy, its jaws wide open, the outside of which were lined with jagged, spiky teeth that oozed thick gobs of saliva - and it was lunging right at you.
As the Carvanha in the swamp drew in closer and closer, Gary could only watch nervously and hope for the best with Kratos. Luckily his Golduck’s Mud Bomb was able to provide enough of a distraction as the swarm of fish veered off course and darted over to investigate the splash. Seizing the opportunity, Gary spun around and reached for the nearest vine. He quickly gave it a quick tug to test its strength and when it held firm, he pulled hard to guide himself out of the bog.

Gary quickly reached for vine after vine to continue pulling himself up the muddy slope, Kratos not far behind. Kratos was having a much easier time of escaping the swamp, thanks to his webbed toes giving him proper traction in the wet terrain. Eventually the two made it back to the top of the slope where they had previously been on the trail before sliding into the dangerous swamp below. Gary reached out and tugged on one last hanging vine to pull himself up back onto the trail.

Yet, there was something off about this vine, as it gave way when Gary pulled on it. Stumbling forward, Gary tried to grab the earth so he wouldn’t tumble all the way back down into the swamp and have this all be for naught. However, by doing so he was now left in a defenseless position, and Gary could suddenly feel a killing intent coming from above. He glanced up to see a large shadow accompanied by a large toothy mouth and leafy appendages. It would be moments until he would become potential dinner, and at this point instinct took over. “Kratos!” Gary yelled, grabbing his Pokemon’s attention. “Duck!” the Golduck responded, instantly knowing what his trainer meant, not by some kind of psychic connection, but rather years of experience battling together. Kratos turned to the plant-like creature and aimed, ready to launch an Ice Beam to blast it off its mark.
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