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Gary turned and watched as the guests filed into his base and gathered around the kitchen table. One of them practically flung her Eevee at another girl before running over to the slide. Scurvy the Aipom watched on from a tree branch with a very big grin of amusement as this girl’s impulsive nature matching his own quite a bit. As some of the guests introduced themselves, Gary quietly nodded. “Welcome, my name’s Gary,” he added.

Bringing up the rear, Amph carried in a bundle of letters she mistakenly received from the guests as entry tickets. Setting them down on the kitchen counter, she proceeded to pull a carton of juice out of the refrigerator and served it to the guests at the table one by one, not uttering a peep in the process. Seizing the opportunity to pull off a prank, Scurvy hopped across the rafters above and used his tail-hand to hold on tightly to the beam and lower himself down while Amph had her back turned. He quickly gulped down the juice from the cup and then pulled himself back up as Amph turned around to serve another cup. To her shock, Amph found the cup she had just served to already be empty and quickly turned back around to fill it back up. Scurvy repeated the process as she did so, intensifying Amph’s confusion as she served up another cup several more times. Eventually the carton ran out of juice, and as Amph turned her back in a panic to find more juice, Scurvy dangled back and forth, silently having a giggle fit. What he didn’t see coming was Amph frantically reaching down into the fridge to get another carton, her jewel-tipped tail catching the Aipom upside the head like a mace. Turning back around with a new cup of juice to serve, Amph spotted the Aipom lying face-down on the table in a daze and put her hands on her hips with a “Hmph!”

Gary ignored his Pokemon’s antics and watched as a guest sent out their Misdreavus who phased through a wall. Now that everyone was settled, Tate began to speak, telling the group of a number of unique Pokemon that were locked away in captivity and needed rescuing. They proposed that this group that had gathered here in his base tonight be the ones who band together and pull off a heist like none had seen before. Tate then began to call upon several of their Pokemon to explain the roles to each individual. As Tate donned Gary as “Mr. Demolition,” a smile crept onto his face. Now, that sounds like something I can pull off, Gary thought to himself. He then winced as the Delibird he had met before nearly blew a hole in his kitchen table, before the Present revealed itself to be a dud. Gary let out a sigh of relief. It was short lived however, as he then spotted Tate’s Vaporeon drool a Toxic substance all over his floor. He continued staring at the spot nervously, his inner OCD nagging at him until Amph quietly walked over and began wiping up the spot with a damp washcloth.

“Well, count me in,” Gary replied with a smile after Tate finished their speech. “If it’s to save a bunch of Pokemon in need, nothing more need be said! And if you need someone to blaze a trail, I’m your guy!” Gary looked around the room to see how the other guests would respond.
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