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Originally Posted by Connor View Post
Brave Saix: With Jill having rejoined your group, deciding after your warning that meddling with the Drifblim was not worth her time, your group sets off towards the nearby village. The going is fairly easy considering you were clambering through mountainous terrain - Matthew happily leading the way while humming a quirky tune you couldn't quite recognise. The day was a good one for this kind of hike, the sun hanging high in cloudless sky and providing just enough warmth for the surroundings to be temperate, rather than possessing a chilly bite as would be typical this high up. You eventually find yourself approaching the village, eagerly pointed out by Matthew, but as you draw nearer it is clear that something is wrong. Matthew's pace slows to an uncertain crawl as he looks at the entrance to the village, where two rather burly men were posted, no doubt as some sort of guard. As you move to enter the village, the men shuffle in unison, blocking your way.

"Sorry there mate, no can do. We got a bit of a situation going on right now/ No outsiders allowed unless the chief says otherwise."

Matthew is understandably exasperated by this. A rattling explanation later and the two men are scrutinising the credentials of the scientist, before the smaller of the pair decides to lumber off into the village. It doesn't take him long to return, a rather elderly woman towing in close proximity. She was wearing rather simple blue garments, but managed to command an intense aura of authority, her small, beady eyes seeming to pierce into your very soul in evaluation. Her stature was tiny despite her presence, barely managing to come to the waist of the much larger man beside her, and her grey hair was held back by a pale white comb. Finally, after satisfying herself with Matthew's credentials, she speaks.

"I apologise deeply for the interruption to your plans, but our village is in something of a crisis right now. One of our younger members seems to have been taken hostage in one of the caves near the Sea Altar, and we are currently trying to deal with the situation to the best of our abilities. Please do try to rearrange for another time."

Matthew looks defeated at this, looking to you with slumped shoulders for guidance.
Sypher could feel the gloom emanating from Matthew, but he quickly saw the chance to help both sides out. "Ma'am, surely we can come to some sort of compromise. You see Matthew here had wanted to examine the architecture of the Sea Altar and I happen to be a trainer. So maybe Matthew and I could help with the hostage situation and kill two birds with one stone. Then when we return you okay his dig request. Does that sound fair?"
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