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Stockpile (NO) -- The user glows with a faint golden light, separating a mild amount of its energy into its gut for storage. Every round the user has the energy stockpiled inside, the energy grows slightly, light per round (though no extra energy is used), before being spit up or swallowed. The energy cannot be accessed in any other way. This energy can be stacked, allowing for three uses of the move before it fails, capping at an extreme amount of stored energy. Each use will grant a slight, temporary boost to overall defense which will fade when Spit Up or Swallow are used. If this energy is left to sit for too long (a few rounds) without an additional Stockpile or being Spit Up or Swallowed, it and the associated boosts will begin to fade.
Sorry about taking so long to get to the round, but getting out of a dessert with a broken moving truck takes a while. Who knew?

Once again Nott goes with the aerial bombardment route for the round as it unleashes another cutting Slash of Air towards the spider. Nott isn't the only one playing repeats this rounds as Glyde ducks under the water covered in a golden glow while Stockpiling energy. Unlike how it went down before Nott notices that the spider is in a less pain than before, still in pain, but there is a visible difference beginning to show.

Nott made some more distance. Glyde took another hit. Both battlers are ready to rumble.
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