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Tate was the last to enter the base, and paused to give the Ampharos a kiss on each cheek in the Kalosian manner. Satisfied with the greeting bestowed on the magifnicent creature which harkened back to the Johto native's homeland, Tate looked to the awaiting group of trainers, giving Hiero a particularly pointed look.

"Tate," corrected the Adoption Center manager, walking to the table to set the heavy bird which was bearing down on one arm into a chair. Pahalo hissed and grunted, the only sounds which she was capable of given that her species lacked a syrinx, and began to preen herself, much rather wishing to be back in her own aviary with her precious Kauka than here, amongst these dreary trainers about whom she did not care. "My name is Tate, and I assure you, I've called you all here today for matters of grave importance."

Shrugging off a small backpack, Tate set it on the table with a thud, and pulled out a manila folder, which was also set upon the table with its own thud. Opening it, the scientist spread out a series of geographic and enviromental reports, census reports from the IAPC, and various other forms, all of which were loaded with graphs and highly specialized gargon that threatened to make even Tate's eyes glaze over.

"Fossil Pokémon," Tate began. "Eevee. Lapras. Porygon. Pokémon that are extinct. Nearly extinct. Too genetically unstable to thrive in the wild in significant populations. Numbers are exploding, guys. Trainers are showing up in droves all across the region with Pokémon that cannot be accounted for based on envronimental surveys. Something's going on, and I don't know what, but it isn't good."

Tate began pacing, hands folded against the small of a slightly sweaty back; it was hot outside, and the trip from the mangroves had been long. The movements were frantic and anxious. "Maybe it's a breeding mill? I don't know. But it has to be stopped. And you're going to help me do it! you're the best of the best! You're the smartest of the smart! You're the only ones who put your contact numbers on the adoption forms!"

Tate paused at the slip of tongue, but then brushed a hand through the air, as if brushing it away. Reaching down to a braided belt, the trainer pulled four Luxury Balls off of brass clips, the minimized orbs held in one hand between fingertips. One by one they were passed to the other hand, expanded, and their content released, the empty balls sat on the table.

Haawi, the Delbird. Ikaika, the Starly. Uhane, the unusually colored Rowlet. Kahakai, the Vaporeon. Uhane and Ikaika, being rather small, landed on the cluttered table. Haawi formed on the floor, and climbed into a chair. Kai rested at her master's feet, looking a bit scorned by having been kept in a ball at the first place.

"GARY!" Tate bellowed, swinging an extended arm out to point at their beleagured host. "Mr. Demolition! What is a wretched establishment without its brick and mortar! We must rend whatever foul edifice is disturbing the natural order to pieces and that is where you come in! HAAWI!"

The Delibrd gave a salute, and reached into the fold of her tail. There was a beat of horrified silence as the small bird pulled out an infamous wrapped gift, known for its tendency to explode in the face of its intended receiver. She placed it on the table. Before anyone could stop Tate, the trainer pulled the ribbon keeping the gift closed, and... a softboiled egg rolled out of the collapsing box. Tate looked unimpressed.

"That is not an explosion!" Tate complained, loudly. Haawi threw up her flippers, protesting her inability to predict what was in each present with a disgruntled, "Deli-dee!"

Tate scrubbed one cheek with a palm, and moved on.

"Ikaika?" Tate turned to the little bird, but there wasn't really any need; a master thief, the Starly had taken the distraction of Haawi's not-bomb to pilfer someone's keys, and sat with the ring in her beak, looking smug. "Whose are tho-... nevermind. Exactly! Hiero! Mr. Shadow! This is where you come in, my good man! We cannot cleanse this world from the light! People are too critical! Too stupid! 'Oooh, what's wrong with breeding my Eevee fifteen fucking times with its brother?! You're a killjoy!' Fuck you, your breeding practices are immoral!"

There was a pause, in which Tate panted, momentarily caught up in the hypothetical strawman and breathless from screeching, before becoming aware of the situation again.

"...we need someone who can get shit done without drawing attention, you see. Someone who can work from the shadows. That's you, my man."

At this point, Tate rounded the table to Athena. Uhane hopped up to the edge of the wooden surface, looking dapper as always, and gave a little coo; charmed, Tate gave her a little pet.

"Athena," Tate breathed, stroking the young bird of prey. "Miss Silver-Tongue. You are a charming young woman, I must admit. And charm is so valuable in this world. A charming person can do much. Get into so many places. Seize so many things. Uhane here gets her way more than I care to admit, you know -- and that's why I need you. There's no telling what we're up against, but we know at it's core are people and someone has to deal with those people. Get them to do what we want them to do."

Tate gave Uhane a smitten little boop on the beak with one finger. Rolling her eyes, Kai made a noise, demanding Tate focus, and the trainer shook the fuzz away, before looking around. "Oh... and Cardia. I'm not going to lie to you, you're here for chaos. People hate chaos. That's why terrorism works! N-not that we're terrorists. But, you know... a little unpredictability can really throw a wrench in some plans and you... are the most unredictable person I've ever met."

Kai nodded in the affirmative, and walked under the table. Perhaps to demonstrate the concept of the unexpected, she began to drool, though the substance was black and viscous, and smelled horrible and almost certaintly toxic. It puddled on the floor at the toes of Cardia's shoes in a grotesque encouragement -- be unpredictable. Tate grimaced, and resolved to clean that up for Gary later.

"She likes that trick," Tate expressed, a bit apologetically. Clapping both hands together, Tate looked around the room. "So, what do you say? Do I have you on my side? Are we here to fuck up... something? I don't know what, but I'm working on it. I know it's big, and I know it's nasty, and I know it needs to go down, you just have to trust me. I mean... you guys kind of owe me, anyway. I've cared for like... all of your Pokémon."

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