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Before anyone answered the door, a second trainer, a woman in her mid-20s, climbed up the ladder and had brought out multiple Eevee and an Espeon (and a Pikachu by accident), two of the Eevee and the Espeon being near the lady while one of them had wandered over to Hyrem and Happy. "Hi there!" Hyrem addressed the woman. "I'm guessing you're here for the same reason I am?" Ignoring her wet appearance--the waves around here were pretty difficult to navigate through, it was bound to happen that people would get wet along the way, Hyrem having to deal with his waterlogged shoes and socks--he was a little confused at her reply. "DNA?" he asked. Unless this woman clarified what she meant by those three letters, he had to assume the obvious.

Meanwhile, Happy looked at the Eevee next to him and smiled. "Hi, I'm Happy, what's your name?"

Before Hyrem's train of thought could be carried any further than it needed to, the door thankfully opened, and a trainer with glasses and a bob hairstyle revealed themselves and greeted the two trainers, though they seemed a bit distracted for a bit before they actually allowed everyone inside.

Much like Keith's base, this one had a leafy and wooden decor to it with minimal furniture that could be seen up to where they were going: a completely empty room save for an empty pool...or was it empty? First bubbles, and then small ripples could be seen moving towards the edge of the water. Soon enough, something broke the surface and revealed itself to be of a similar appearance to Happy and Carla, her eyes jet black like Happy's, but her short, slick fur was a light blue, and she had frills and a long, fishlike tail as opposed to Happy's coat of fluffy, red fur. "Aw, she's adorable!" Hyrem remarked while Happy looked around the room before he soon spotted the creature that surfaced and looked curiously at the group in front of her.

Adorable was one word, but a few dozen other words swam through Happy's mind that were much better to describe her, although he soon settled on one word as his jaw opened: pretty. Normally used by him whenever he would find a shiny treasure while exploring with Silas and Kenna as Team Flash Fire, it meant something different this time. He slowly walked into the room, not sure of how to carry himself in this moment, not sure of what to think. "Um...hi, I'm...Happy," was all he could say.

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