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CRUNCH. A leaf crackled satisfying under the small, yellow foot of Athena's Scraggy Monte. The young lizard Pokemon had taken it upon himself to find the crunchiest leaves around the base, and crush them like a giant monster destroying an entire town. He had also been picking up the prettiest leaves and tucking them safely into his pants-like skin. He spotted a crimson leaf that had just gently fallen to the ground. He excitedly waddled over to his new find and reached to pick it up.

CRUNCH. This time it wasn't Monte's doing, but a Pokemon that had suddenly appeared. Startled, the Scraggy fell backward, his collected leaves scattering across the ground. He sat up to find himself face to face with the Litleo.

"Scrag!" He greeted, and placed a small hand on the Litleo's nose, giving it a soft pat.

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