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Le Marécage Noir

La Ville des Farceurs et Voleurs
The City of Jesters and Thieves, as it has come to be known, is a place of celebration and a place of woe. Often alight with festivals, the city is a place where good food, good drink, and fine company can easily be found. Be wary, however: there is no shortage of crime here. Pickpockets and thieves roam the streets looking for easy marks. Gamblers and con artists are eager to take the unsuspecting for all that they have. Perhaps because of the constant excitement and trickery, Psychic Pokémon gather here, feeding on the energy of winners and losers alike. The constant excitement is enough to turn anyone on their head. Will you try your luck here, at la Ville des Farceurs et Voleurs? Please reply in Goldenrod.
The curtains rose on the theatre stage. The spotlights blared down, illuminating Michael in their domineering light. He took a few nervous steps forward towards the microphone. His whole body, from the palms of his hands to the soles of his feet were tense and sweaty. He looked out into the empty, judgmental eyes that filled the crowd. They were there for a performance. They were here for him. He felt his knees growing weak. There were so many people… so many people to impress. He couldn’t mess up here. The music started to play. He opened his mouth…
And what came out wasn’t his voice. He cupped his hands to his mouth, horrified, trying to stem the flow of vomit. He heard the crowd’s murmurs and jeers of disapproval crescendo in volume. Michael was crying now, his tears mixing with the half-digested spaghetti his mum had cooked him earlier that night in his hands. This was a disaster! He fell to his knees, unable to move, unable to breathe…. Until he felt the world beneath him give way.
And then Michael woke up. He looked around. Luckily the other commuters on the bus with him didn’t seem to have noticed he’d nodded off. He really had to stop falling asleep on public transport, it was a bad habit. And speaking of bad habits…
Michael reached up and lifted the Munna that was currently drooling in his hair off his head.
“Thanks for that Es, you were supposed to make sure I didn’t fall asleep.” Michael said. Esmerelda yawned.
“I’m sorry… I just felt like taking a quick nap of my own…” She murmured in her sleep. Michael couldn’t help but chuckle lightly. That was just like her. At least she’d managed to wake him up by eating that nightmare of his. He didn’t know why the thought of joining a theatre group freaked him out this much. He was always the sort of person who liked being the center of attention, so why did the thought of being paid attention to make him freeze up like that? It was so annoying…
The bus rattled to a halt. Michael tentatively departed the vehicle with Esmerelda reattached to his head. He looked down at the list of theatre auditions in the area he had made. The City of Jesters and Thieves... this did sound like the type of place filled with the chaotic atmosphere in which he thrived. But was he really ready to do this? He wasn’t sure.
He really wasn't sure.

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In Mother 3 Swampy was Flint and you were Hinawa. You two were a wonderful couple. Icarus was your dog, and Toy and I were your twin sons. Well, until a dinosaur impaled you through the heart. So yes, where is he!?
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