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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post

Tori’s sudden collapse fueled both you and your Sandshrew’s fear and anger. You ran to her side and took the precaution of getting out her Pokeball in case she began to turn. Weakly, the Nidorina turned her head toward you and lifted a claw. One of her red eyes was slowly turning pure white. Glasspine looked toward the two of you in worry for a moment, but returned his focus to the Parasect, bristling. The Sandshrew guarded itself with a sparkling light colored aura, preventing the next Stun Spore the Parasect sent from affecting him. With a raged cry, he swiftly delivered an Aerial Ace to his opponent. The Parasect threw it’s frozen arm up to protect its face, Glasspine’s claw making direct contact with it. The ice shattered, and the Parasect hissed as small pieces of it embedded themselves into the Bug-type’s exoskeleton. Without hesitation, Glasspine used its mastery over the ground to unearth several large rocks. The three friendly Roselia scattered, taking shelter behind you and Tori. The Parasect could only watch in horror as it was encased in a tomb.

Glasspine panted as he observed his work, satisfied that he had put an end to the Mushroom Pokemon. The three Roselia peeked their tiny heads from around your side and, when they felt safe enough, went to tend to their fallen comrades. The Roselia who had consumed the mushrooms lay unmoving, as did your Nidorina. Though the Parasect seemed to no longer be a threat, its victims were not improving.

“Oh! Oh dear…” came a gentle but worried voice. You looked to see a young woman approaching the scene. She was short in stature, light brown hair neatly tied up with a bandana. The Roselia, noticing a friendly face, clamored towards her and tugged on her apron in distress. She knelt down to meet them, holding her hands out. “What’s wrong, dears? Are you ok?” The Roselia talked over each other, trying their hardest to explain what had been going on. They frantically pointed from you, to your Pokemon, to the pile of rocks containing the Parasect. The young woman, obviously not understanding the whole story, looked to you.

“Are you alright? I heard a commotion and came over as soon as I could…” She trailed off as she observed the area, which was now battle-worn and torn up from Glasspine’s attacks. Her focus returned to you and your Nidorina. “What happened? I’ve never seen the Roselia so worked up like this before.”

As he held the Nidorina in his arms, avoiding the toxic barbs, Alex looked at her with great concern as the weakened pokemon returned the gaze, raising a claw up with effort as one of her red eyes began to fade to white, fighting to resist the effects of the mushroom. Glasspine on the other hand was furious, but knowing what tricks the Parasect possesses anticipates the bug's attempt to paralyze him again, the stun spore drifting onto a shimmering veil and fading, just as the ground type swiftly whirled round and made a vicious slice at the Parasect, who raised its frosty arm in defence, only for the ice to shatter on impact and embed it into the body of the insect.

Far from finished, the Sandshrew then tapped into his geofamiliar skills to bring a number of boulders erupting from the ground, the Roselia quickly running behind Alex and waning Tori as the ground type forced the rocks around and over the upside down bug, effectively containing it and trapping it within the tomb. The threat was over for now, but the danger had yet to pass as the flower pokemon peered from behind their barrier and ran to tend to their incapacitated comrades.

Alex looked around the vicinity, there were holes here and there and the area looked as though it would take weeks to recover, Glasspine waddling back to his trainer and companion, worried for the motionless Nidorina. She was at least breathing, which was a positive, but completely incapacitated, and as the human racked his brains trying to think of a potential remedy to the situation, he heard a female voice.

Turning to the source, he found the Roselia had run up to a concerned young woman, who seemed to know the grass types and vice versa as they attempted to explain the situation over each other. As she took in the damaged landscape, she asked the rather obvious question of what happened, as Alex held the bagged mushroom in his hand still, having kept a tight grip on it throughout.

"Sorry about this, ma'am. Me and my pokemon had came here in a sorta bonding exercise when we were drawn to an aroma from somewhere. It turns out it was the work of a Parasect," he motioned towards the rockpile trapping the bug, "which had lured the Roselia and my group here, and kept them under some sort of hypnotic trance. It sprouted mushrooms and urged the pokemon to eat them, after which they went, well, sorta zombified and under the control of the Parasect. We managed to break the hold over three of them, and have the bug under control, but my Nidorina also took a bite of one, and she's not in a good way at all. I've got one of the mushrooms bagged here..."

"Glass, try and fix up the terrain here and there with a rototiller to even the ground out a little and make it more arable for growth. I don't suppose you've much idea what kinda mushroom this is, and if there's a remedy for whatever's got them like this? I feel I owe the Roselia my support for saving them, and above all else, my own pokemon's health is important...I kinda lost it when she went down."


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