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With a stroke of luck you had managed to catch one of the last ferries to the Springtime island. While it would have always been possible to visit the island some other time, now of all moments was when sightings of the mysterious Springtime Pyukumuku were flying around as the latest rumours. The Easter Buneary had apparently taken a break this year, leaving the strange bunny-eared sea cucumber to pick up the slack. Scattered across the island were eggs galore in various hiding spots, though sadly most had by now been picked off by the other visitors. You were going to have to start your search quickly if you hoped to find an egg, let alone have a choice of eggs.

With an obvious love of water types you headed towards one of the two coastal areas, hoping to find an egg of matching origin. Your Golett Megas however had different interests as it started smashing boulders one by one in feats of minor strength. You start crossing the terrain into the more wet and slippery parts. Hopefully no egg here would have been discovered yet. You had your hiking boots on, figuring it would help you traverse the smooth rubble. Alas, this doesn't turn out to be nearly as true when you confidently try to jump from one patch of rocks to another to dodge a fearsome Krabby, when your foot slips and you land painfully on your face. You get back up in pain, clutching your nose only to figure the Krabby had won and retreated itself when noticing the red colour dripping from your nose. Megas quickly joins your side, strangely holding onto a rather large boulder, and indicates your attention towards it. You don't understand what it is that made the boulder so fascinating to the Golett but the Pokémon swiftly punched the rock and cracked it straight through. Slabs of rock dropped to the ground and in the Golett's palm rested a tan egg with pieces of rock still surrounding the centre of it as if it were forming a collar or a bow-tie of some sorts.
As Bill continued to search for those mysterious eggs far and wide on these crags when suddenly a very tiny Krabby appeared. Deciding not to really bother with it, Bill attempted to jump over the next crag, only to find the combination of loose rock and wet terrain caused his footing to collapse out from under him. He landed face first onto the hard rock, but to add insult to injury, the Krabby gave what appeared to be a joyful "kukee kukee" before retreating into a small cavern. A slightly peeved Bill reached into the tunnel after it, but his hand could only reach so deep, and the water-type Pokemon retreated.

Megas started to exclaim happily. Bill turned towards the robot Pokemon to see that it located an egg. After it roughed around some more of the stone walls, it found an egg buried deep within a tunnel system, not likely the same one the Krabby retreated, but who knows, it could be. Either way, this egg deserved a closer examination. A brown one with a bow tie pattern on it. Bill felt a radiance within it, a very energetic and happy and bouncy one. One that...kind of can be found within Megas itself. As much as he liked the egg, something about it. Bill couldn't quite place it, except that he could tell that this wasn't the egg for him. He took a deep breath looked at the now-collapsed cave that it was in before speaking.

"Let's put it back," Bill told his companion. "And then we'll continue to find another egg." Megas, a bit disappointed, nodded its head as the two continued their journey.

OoC: Fun fact, one of those pinchers could rip a tank apart.

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