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Athena immediately pulled her hand back in shock as she realized she had knocked on a human being. The person turned, looking surprised before a grin spread across her face. Athena immediately noticed the fluffy Pokemon in her arms.

“Oh! I’m so sorry,” She started to apologize. The sound of wings interrupted the girl before she could reply. Athena and Éclair both turned, the Mawile opening the mouth on the back of her head defensively. A large bird Pokemon swooped by the treehouse, partially blocking the moonlight. A figure jumped from the Pokemon, and skillfully landed in front of the two girls. Athena squinted in the dim lighting to try to see this new arrival more clearly. The person’s bright and flowery shirt stood out clearly against the dark surroundings. She had seen this person before, in fact, just the other day when she had adopted her Snubbull, Choux.

“I’m so glad you got my letters.” The Adoption Center manager said as their bird Pokemon landed on an outstretched arm. Athena, baffled, could only stare wordlessly. Although she was relieved she was in the right place, she still had no idea what she was getting into. The three trainers’ attention was drawn to the door as it creaked open. A large yellow Pokemon stood in the door, looking happy to have visitors. The other girl seemed to know what she was doing, as she pulled out her crumpled up letter and placed it in the Ampharos’ hands before heading into the base. Athena looked inside as she heard a voice scolding the friendly Electric-type for opening up the door. The trainer looked confused at the group of visitors at his door, but welcomed them in after acknowledging the person he called Tate. Athena looked down at the card still in her hand, then followed suit, handing it to Ampharos. The Pokemon seemed to be the type to just go with it. Éclair, who had relaxed after confirming they weren’t going to be attacked by the bird on Tate’s arm, followed behind her trainer.

Athena looked down at her feet as the mats in the entryway let out a short tune. Éclair playfully jumped up and down on the last one a couple times before continuing into the next room. Athena looked around the base with passive interest, noticing the many Pokemon that likely belonged to the trainer who had welcomed them in. She heard footsteps behind her and realized she and Éclair were blocking the entryway. She looked behind her, blonde and lavender hair gently sliding off her shoulders. Tate and the base owner were behind her, as well as another person she hadn’t seen come in. She moved out of the way to let them in, and the girl who had come in before her excitedly greeted the newcomer with familiarity. Athena’s heart dropped, these people knew each other, and she knew no one. Had she really gotten this letter by mistake? Suddenly, something soft and fluffy was shoved into her arms by the girl who had just announced herself as Cardia. She looked down to meet the eyes of Cardia’s Eevee, immediately enamored with his large black eyes and little paws. She scratched the Pokemon under his chin and cooed, unable to help herself in the presence of such a cute creature. As Cardia played on the slide, Athena took a seat at the table. Éclair stood next to her, giving the Eevee a jealous look.

“Well if we’re all introducing ourselves,” Athena spoke up. She wasn’t even sure if she was supposed to be here, but she figured someone would have said something by now. Once they got introductions out of the way, she would finally be able to get some answers. “I’m Athena. It’s nice to meet you.”

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