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Patches is leaning with her forehead against the door impatiently waiting for it to open, suddenly someone knocks on her back. Well I guess it is really dark, so whoever it is must have mistaken her for being the door. She spins around curiously and is now face to face with a girl she had never met before. She gets excited and smiles wide, opening her mouth preparing to introduce herself, but she is distracted once another figure comes out of nowhere landing behind the girl. Unlike most people who would probably be frightened, she is just curious because the figure looks like a person. She walks around the girl in order to get a better look but once again her train of thought is cut off, this time by a person jumping off of a bird and landing onto the deck. The darkness didn’t stop her from knowing exactly who the latest arrival is, she would recognize that clothing anywhere. She listens as Tate proceeds to say that they were the one who had sent her the letter and apparently everyone else had received one too. “Hmph.” Sir Tibs is not impressed and is now a bit annoyed with Patches. He wasn’t there when the letter arrived but was told that it was dropped off by a damsel in distress and from what he can tell, this person doesn’t fit the description.

Suddenly, the door pops open and light floods out revealing a silhouette of an Ampharos in the doorway. “Oh! I have my ticket right here!” Patches reaches into her pocket and once again pulls out the letter she had been given. It is mostly crumpled up at this point but it’s still clear there is a picture of a white egg with red and blue triangles on it. She puts the letter into Ampharos’ hand and then proceeds to enter the home. She is greeted by another unfamiliar face which just makes this all the more exciting for Patches since meeting new people is one of her favorite things. After following him into the kitchen she finally turns around in order to get a good look at everyone, she is surprised when she realizes there is another familiar face amongst them. “H-Hiero!? Is that really you!?” She can hardly believe her eyes. It had been so long and they had grown so much older that she wasn’t completely sure whether or not it really was one of her old friends. But, she didn’t want to be rude to the other two whom she definitely knows she hadn’t met before and also needed to say hello to Tate so she turns her attention back to everyone else. That is when she notices a slide in the back of the room and her priorities have now shifted. “Alright, so I need to do this quick! Here, take Momo!” She quickly shoves her Eevee into the nearest persons arms in order to free up her own, this person being the girl she had never even met before. Now that her arms are free she throws them up in the air and gives one of her famous smiles. “Nice to meet you everyone!! My name is Cardia Spade! You can either call me Cardia or by my nickname, Patches! I’m happy we are all best friends now!” and with that she begins to run over to the slide. She goes down it a few times before proceeding over to the table.

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