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"Oh," Tate grunts, at the sound of someone knocking at the door. Visitors? Were they expecting anyone? Tate didn't think so, but far be it from the Johto native to refuse company. Standing, Tate sat the spray bottle aside on the floor, and gestured for Gary to wait just one moment, before trotting out of the room and down the hall. Back the foyer, Tate opened the door, to find not one, but two people standing on the deck.

"Can I help you-?" Tate asked, bewildered, before taking notice of the small army of Eevee and Eevee-kin strewn across the wooden platform. Then dawning struck as the trainer recalled a notice which had been placed in the local papers at the behest of a very tired, very desperate Tate. Ever since ‘Ōpio's egg had arrived from the League, Kai had been acting in fits and starts, and many restless nights dealing with a moody Vaporeon and more research into the gristly details of Eeveelution anatony that Tate ever cared to perform had finally indicated that the presence of an Egg had triggered the initiation of the breeding stage of Kai's life; to put it bluntly, her hormones were ramped up to 11.

It was difficult to have a meaningful conversation with a creature who lacked the capacity for English, but many exhausting attempts at communication had finally established that Kai wanted a family. She'd never had one of her own, breeding the product of what was, essentially, an amateur breeding mill; now she was in the prime of her life, livving in a beautiful place full of beautiful foliage and clean water and it was the ideal place to raise a couple of kits. Tate couldn't refuse, either! They had just taken on their second egg, and if they could hadnle mystery eggs from Celebi-knows-where, they could handle the precious eggs of Kahakai, Tate's best friend and starter!

Tate couldn't argue with that logic.

Staring into space as this information was processed for the thousandth time in less than a week, it took the bird keep a moment to come to and remember there were guests. Stepping aside so they could enter, Tate made an honest effort to smile, but looked weary -- this was going to be an exhausting endeavor.

"Come in, come in! You must be here for Kai! Let me show you to the Eevee room."

Guiding the trainers -- and their companions -- down the hall, Tate brough them to a large and empty room with a pool to one side. It wasn't exactly romantic, but this was how Kai liked it, and it was her room. Too bad it was void of life... or was it?

From the surface of the water, bubbles began to rise, and then something invisible cut across the water's surface like a knife. A single, yellow fin rose above, and then a sleek blue head, large dark eyes swallowing all the light that struck them. Smoothly, Kai stepped out of the pool, the iquid beading on her skin and then sinking into her flesh rather than dripping away. Se cocked her head, curious as to the visitors.

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