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There were a series of knocks at the door. Gary looked at the clock on the corner of his computer screen. 12:06 AM. He then glanced over at the hallway to the entrance and then back at a letter that sat open on his desk. “Expect visitors,” it said. Gary scratched the back of his head, mumbling to himself, “Expect visitors? It didn’t say anything about them coming this late!” In fact, it didn’t say when these supposed visitors would come at all. Getting up from his desk chair, Gary walked over to the window where he peered through the blinds to make out who it was. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t turn on his porch lights, so all he could see were four silhouettes. Unexpectedly, he could hear the sound of the door opening in the hallway, causing him to jerk his head backwards. “What?!”

The four visitors stood out on the wooden porch atop the tree to Gary’s base patiently. The doorknob suddenly turned as the door creaked open slowly. Light from inside the base poured out, and as the door opened wider and wider, the visitors were suddenly face to face with a tall Ampharos standing in the doorway. “Ro?” she greeted, sleepy-eyed. Her tail swished back and forth, the pink ribbon tied in a bow around the tip swaying to and fro. The Ampharos smiled warmly before turning around to show the guests in. A couple of musical mats jingled under her feet as she passed over them.

“Amph! Don’t just let strangers in the house!” Gary called out from around the corner before hurrying over to see who it was. Peering into the hallway, Gary scanned the visitors up and down. Two girls and a boy he didn’t recognize until he found a familiar face. “Oh! Hi Tate, I guess you were the one who sent the letter? Well, you guys better come inside.”

As the group filed in through the narrow hallway, Gary led them to a large room to the right that featured his kitchen, a large square table where everyone could sit down and talk, a slide in the back, and a large tree trunk that came through the floor. An Aipom sat on one of the branches stemming off from the trunk with a mischievous grin on his face and a Ninjask firmly clung to the trunk. Meanwhile, an Ivysaur and Turtwig lay asleep while nestled up between a potted tree and a large Venusaur plushie against a wall. The Ampharos patiently waited for everyone to enter the room and then followed in after them.
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