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A gathering of people; just as planned. Things so rarely went as planned. How delightful! It was hard to contain oneself, watching three shadows descend upon the porch of number four. Could he hear the commotion? Best to meet them before he became too aware.

The sounds of wings broke the silence -- or they would have, were there silence to be had. Rather, the sound of wings were drown out by quite the commotion. On the back of a great bird whose feathers glittered like stars themselves, the fifth, the orchestrator, swooped down, leaping from the mount and landing on the deck with a dull thud. Rising to a standing position, the figure held out one arm for the great ave to perch upon, her talons pricking the delicate flesh of a forearm.

"I'm so glad you got my letters."

In the dim moonlight, it became apparent that this wasn't the shadowy entity one might expect from such a clandestine affair; clad in a tropical shirt and cargo shorts, the trainer did not look the type to send out such a mysterious set of calling cards. In fact, with choppy hair and thick glasses, one might expect to see the bird keeper not in a secretive midnight meeting, but in a book club or knitting circle. Moreover, the face was familiar to everyone present.

It was the Adoption Center manager.

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