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It was dark. Sometime after midnight, to be precise. Hiero wasn't exactly sure how long he had been staking out the area, but it had been at least several hours now. The branches of the tall tree overlooking the cascade that he had been sitting in began to grow enormously uncomfortable, but he remained patient regardless.

Starline Waterfalls was indeed a beautiful part of the Cloud Garden, an area Hiero was not supposed to be privy to without having first defeated two of the area's trials. He had seen some of the park rangers on their routine nightly security checks, making sure trainers like himself were staying out of trouble and out of the zoned-off areas of the mountain. Normally he wouldn't do something like this, but tonight was different. Hiero pulled the card he had received out out of his pocket and looked at it once more. One side depicted Johto's Phoenix deity Ho-Oh, and the other side depicted a mysterious Pokemon that appeared to be made of pure shadow. Shadow, that's right... "Mr. Shadow".

He wasn't even certain that this invitation was meant for him, if that's what it indeed was. Hiero didn't really know many people, and in a lot of ways, he was more comfortable keeping it that way - nearly a decade spent secluded in snowy mountains tends to do that to a person. And yet, this letter, this "Mr. Shadow", and the mysterious card, it all piqued his curiosity just enough that Hiero could sense an adventure brewing. At the same time, he needed to be careful. He had no idea where this could have come from, or who could have sent it. Caution was the best plan of action here, which meant a stakeout to see who - or what - would show up.

Suddenly, there was a distant talking. He couldn't make out what was being said, but whoever it was was not being subtle in the least... and if they didn't have their trial passes handy, "well, have fun when one of the rangers inevitably catches you," Hiero thought. He rotated himself on the branch and looked behind him. There was someone running across one of the bridges with Pokemon in tow, making a beeline for what appeared to be some sort of tree house. It was easier to see at night, surprisingly, as the structure had completely evaded Hiero's attention while the sun was still up. Hiero hoped for her sake that she lived there, because he had almost no doubt that she had most likely attracted the attention of every park ranger in the vicinity.

Just then, something else caught his gaze out of the corner of his eye. No, someone else. He could only just barely see her in the distance, as she was obscured by several trees, but what he did notice was that not only did she, too, have a Pokemon with her, but more importantly, she appeared to be holding a letter. Hiero recoiled slightly and squinted his eyes. Perhaps this wasn't a trap after all - but who was bringing trainers out to the Starline Falls in the middle of the night, and why?

For the first time in hours, he stood, and pressed his palm against the trunk of the tree. Hiero looked down at his card once more and traced his eyes across the design of the mythical Pokemon. "Mr. Shadow, huh?"

He pocketed the card and began his descent down the side of the tree. It was time to find out exactly what this was all about.
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