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Originally Posted by Meetan View Post
At this point they have to be questioning her, and Alice really wouldn't be blaming them. Maybe they thought she wasn't coming back, given how it had been longer than ten days, but it was a temptation she couldn't resist. There were still several Pokemon that the young woman had her eye on, and she had chosen what she felt to be the most challenging of those attractants - a Koffing.

It was easy to track the balloon down. A poison type with 'vents' like hers let off a certain smell, and although it's a slight turn off, Alice loves her perfume and she'd seen too much potential to let this one go over such petty judgements or even fears-- Koffing are toxic and dangerous, after all. However, she'd hatched a danger noodle of her own some months back (which was why Alice hadn't adopted an Ekans) and she felt a bit more comfortable with that typing now. A Poke Ball comes out, as well as the expected $30 payment.

"This one, please!" Alice announced delightedly, looking to the Koffing. It couldn't adopt her back, or cling for a hug-- but she did wonder if it was cuddly. What kind of character would this mystery beast have? "If she wants to, that is. We've got a bustling home now even with Blaze and Jasper away, so you'll have plenty of friends!"

Eau de Koffing -- it's a bold scent. As the staff escort you and the finely membraned ball of gas to the front counter, a young man busy mopping the floor begins wretching and quickly leaves the room, his task undone. The elderly woman running the counter today pulls her turtleneck over her nose, unsure of why you aren't phased by this disgusting ball of fumes. Rather, you seem quite fucking pleased with the thing, despite its nose-bending stench. Are you mad, woman?!

Of course, she has tact, and doesn't say any such thing. Rather, she slides the clipboard across the bamboo surface with two fingers and offers you a smile, which you can only see due to the crinkling off her eyes. Koffing mimics the grin, clearly elated by what this all means -- she gets to go home?! With you?! You seem like a well put together young lass, so well dressed, such nice hair! She twirls in the air, listing to one side, and then begins to lazily circle around your head as you dutifully fill out the forms required. Oh gosh, oh my, look at that handwriting! It's darling. Darling! You're a doll. A doll! Her buoyant and practically weightless body bounces off of your crown in what is clearly a gesture of affection, and she does another little twirl, turning upside down and then right-way up again. You know, so often people think of poison types as being crude, but really, that isn't the case. She considers herself quite elegant, honestly, and she's just chuffed that she's going home with a precious young woman like you, and not one of these rowdy boys you so often see on the scene. There's another soft little tap on your head as you sign your name -- she's a bit playful too! Nothing wrong with that! A girl can have fun! Oh, look at you, you're such a cutie. Careful not to muss your hair! Your perfume is a little weak though! We can fix that!

There's a massive expulsion of gas as you hand the lady back the clipboard; the thick, purple smog fills the room and sends the staffer reeling. A pleased coo comes from your new friend; she's delighted to have touched up your fragrance for you! You, on the other hand, feel a bit lightheaded...

Adoption of Lv. 01 (F) Koffing confirmed.

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